Why am I so scared of coming out when I know my family fully supports LGBTQ rights?

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Last Updated: 07/08/2019 at 2:11pm
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March 28th, 2017 6:21pm
As LGBTQ* people we face a lot of stigma and challenges that many don't. Even if your family is supportive, being open about who you are in the current political climate can feel vulnerable and daunting. If your family is supportive, you might consider coming out to them first and asking them to keep the information private until you are ready to share with the world at large.
September 16th, 2017 10:25am
I know they would support me but when it comes to my friends and my school, people use the words gay or lesbian and stuff as if its something gross or weird. I just feel like if I come out I might get bullied or every friend I have would leave me. I am either Bi or Lesbian and I really find it impossible to think about a life I could live with everyone knowing who I am and what my sexuality is. It scares me that some of my relatives seem like they don't like LGBTQ+ and I don't want to be hated by the ones that I always love and care for.
November 7th, 2017 8:20pm
It's possible that you think they will see you differently, and you don't want your relationship with them to change. If they support LGBTQ+ rights in general, it may be difficult to know if the reaction would be different from the principle of supporting LGBTQ+ rights to applying that to their own child
November 8th, 2017 2:28am
I'm not a very open person when it comes to my feelings, so the idea of telling them something so big and vulnerable about myself scares me so much.
November 21st, 2017 9:10am
There is always the feeling of risk. Even to people you know will support you. Coming out is a very vulnerable experience. Its OK to feel anxious to be that vulnerable and raw to people. Just breathe. You'll get through this.
February 20th, 2018 5:33pm
Revealing something to people close to you is terrifying, given that the fact is they might not accept you, although to give you a direct answer, it's just human nature to be scared.
May 21st, 2018 7:27am
Because it's your family, and you don't want to let them feel like they missed something by never knew, maybe because you don't want them to put their nose in your sexuality ? But the most important is, don't be scared, it's gonna be okay, don't worry, just breath and when you think it's time tell them.
May 29th, 2018 7:18pm
You are worried how the society will react to you. But that doesn’t really matter. Because you have the most precious gift for a LGBTQ member, and that is your family’s acceptance and support. So don’t be afraid anymore to taste the rainbow!
July 24th, 2018 11:25pm
Maybe because you feel like even though they fully support them, they might not support your decision.
Aayla - Expert in LGBTQ+
July 8th, 2019 2:11pm
It could be an internalized fear: since you know that some things are not received well by everyone in society, you experience this fear, even though you know your family is open-minded. But socially internalized fears often diverge from logical reasoning, so it's normal to feel like this. It's also a delicate topic to face so it's normal to feel a bit uncomfortable. But if they are supportive, they will accept you for who you are! It can help you to keep telling this to yourself, sometimes trying to rationalize our fear can make a difference.