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Am i bisexual? Im a guy who has considered himself straight, and lately i've noticed that i've been looking at men differently lately. I think i even have a crush on Mitch Grassi from pentatonix...

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Last Updated: 11/23/2020 at 5:15am
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December 13th, 2017 8:43am
It's 100% up to you how you decide to label yourself, if you would like to use a label at all. I think an important thing to note is that bisexual doesn't necessarily have to mean you're equally attracted to both men and women - you could be attracted to women 80% of the time and men 20% of the time, and you can define for yourself how that label fits you! As for actually figuring out this attraction to men, it'll likely just take time and contemplation to understand the feelings that you're having - and even if you decide to label yourself as bisexual now and later decide that you're straight, that's absolutely fine too! Sexuality can be fluid and confusing, so what matters, as cheesy as it is, is staying true to yourself and your own feelings
December 13th, 2017 11:09pm
It sounds like bisexuality is a distinct possibility. There are other options as well: pansexual, biromantic, etc. Read up on different sexualities and see if any of those sound right. If you're comfortable with it, perhaps experiment a little bit? Otherwise, feel free to join us in the LGBTQ+/MOGII subcommunity on 7cups! Lots of great people to talk to there even if you're just questioning. Though, of course, if you have people you can talk to about this in real life, that would be incredibly helpful as well.
July 3rd, 2018 9:58pm
Sexuality can change over time. Just because you are attracted to one gender for a few years doesn't mean you can't develop feelings for another. Don't be afraid to explore your feelings.
January 1st, 2019 3:30pm
It's not for others to decide whether you are bsexual or not. If you feel like you like both girls and boys, then yes, it's very possible, or it may not be. The thing is, you see all these labels that tell us who we like, and how we like them, but just know that it's not important. If you feel like you're bi, then that's awesome, be proud! If you're not sure, then also, that's awesome, be proud! These labels only exist for our conveniece, we don't really need them. If you can't really pinpoint your sexuality to the ones that exist, that's fine :) All that matter is that you're happy with who you are, and that you can accept that!
November 23rd, 2020 5:15am
I think people who always thought were straight sometimes realize after many years that they may like guys too, many people realize late in life but it is also possible that you may get attracted to a person's overall or personality and not his/her gender, you don't exactly have to be bisexual to get attracted towards men too, you maybe a pansexual who gets attracted to person's personality not gender , it's better to focus on whom you like not what gender is that person and it is not even necessary to classify yourself as bisexual, straight or pansexual, you should care about who you like and not which gender you like