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How do I come out to my parents about being bi?

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Last Updated: 04/06/2020 at 8:12pm
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- Expert in LGBTQ+ Issues
August 19th, 2019 1:46am
You can try to express your feelings as openly as you can, explain what it really means to be bi and what it does NOT mean (since there is widespread prejudice about it), tell them how you realized that this is who you are. Encourage them to ask you questions about things they don't understand and discuss it together. Make them feel like you want them to know you better and be part of your life. If they love you, they'll accept you as you are, knowing that the person you are doesn't change and wanting you to simply be happy.
May 15th, 2018 5:42am
I actually sent dodies coming out song to her :). She was petrified, and very confused, that's for sure. but eventually she accepted me for who I am inside
April 6th, 2020 8:12pm
Hello, I'm glad you're here. Coming out to our loved ones can be a bit nerve-wracking. I suggest creating a calm, neutral environment where you feel safe. Remember to never assume what the other person is thinking, feeling, or trying to say. Be honest and clear when explaining your sexuality to your parents and be prepared to answer questions. Some parents can pick up on these things and may know before you tell them, others will be shocked to hear it. But remember that you have always been you and you are simply putting a label to another part of you.