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I have been questioning my sexuality for about 3 months now and I still haven't landed on any thing. I think I might be pansexual but what if I am just subconciouly seeking attention? What do I do?

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Last Updated: 12/13/2019 at 2:08pm
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December 13th, 2019 2:08pm
I would say to just let yourself feel how you're feeling, without the need to label it. I also wouldn't worry about if you're seeking attention, for two reasons: 1) it's very unlikely that the things you're feeling are solely for attention, that doesn't happen very much. Any sort of questioning is valid, no matter where the end result leads you. If you feel you're pansexual now, there's nothing wrong with that. It's a valid identity itself. And if you discover you may be a different sexuality later, that's okay too. and 2) lets say even if it does end up being about attention...there is nothing wrong with that either. Wanting attention is a basic human desire, everyone likes to be paid attention to, it is not a negative thing. Learning of your sexuality can take a lot of time, exploring, and changes happen. Be patient with yourself and try your best not to place judgement on your feelings, and things will become more clear in time