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Why am I gay. I hate it. Why am I gay?

3 Answers
Last Updated: 07/16/2018 at 9:10am
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February 27th, 2018 7:23pm
Why are people straight? Because they are attracted the opposite sex. You're gay for the same reason others are straight. It's simply who you find attractive. Nothing more, nothing less. Straights didn't choose to be straight. But they don't try to stop being straight. And queers have been around for a long time. Do some digging and you'll find that Bisexuality was common in Roman times. Gays were why olive oil was popular in Greek times. Today there are tribe societies where lesbian leaders are fully accepted and have been for generations. Being gay isn't repulsive. It's merely the effects of deep homophobia that have caused people to hate something they can choose or change about themselves. Again, you're gay because you like guys. There isn't anything more to it. There are theories of a gay gene (and if there's a gay gene, there's a straight gene) but it hasn't been proven and if it is, well then you're gay because of genetics. Which is again, something you can't change.
April 3rd, 2018 7:21pm
Ahhh, no, don't feel bad about being gay. There is nothing against you for feeling that way, everyone had there own personal feelings and you should feel free to feel that way, you should not have to be bothered by feeling a certain way towards people, so don't hate it. Be proud of it and show others how proud you are about yourself
July 16th, 2018 9:10am
We all can't help who we find attractive and wish to love. Being gay can sometimes be scary because it's not the norm the whole society is used to yet. However, people should express themselves however they want and love whoever they choose regardless if it's the same gender or the opposite. Acceptance of the self for whatever reason is often the hardest, but it will talk time and things will gradually get easier. Possibly try talking so someone who you are close to and trust if you haven't already. Opening up to someone often helps you open up to yourself to relax and breath