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Why are so many people close-minded when it comes to LGBTQ individuals?

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Last Updated: 07/20/2020 at 6:09am
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May 24th, 2018 12:17pm
Its the way we are raised, and over time most dont see that they are not seeing the Gray in a Black and white world as said in CBT Training, So its best to be willing to teach all that you meet some about it and to be open minded to.
February 25th, 2019 5:15am
Education and learnt behaviour. People usually are scared when it comes to new things, or on this case, when names are given to things that have existed through out history. People are usually conditioned to think that there are two genders and that you can only have a male/female relationship. Education is the main way we can change the way people think and with that more people will change their minds if the people around them do. 30 years ago gay wasn't accepted or talked about now it is, not perfect but better. That'll be even better in the next 30 years.
- Expert in LGBTQ+ Issues
June 17th, 2019 8:06pm
That's due to cultural prejudice, internalized from society, family or any ideological environment that might influence people. That's very frustrating, but luckily, open-minded people are there, and they're willing to support anyone who feels neglected by close-minded mentalities. The world is changing towards inclusive - slowly, but it's changing. We can all make our part to ensure that, with time, the world will be a more inclusive place!
March 23rd, 2020 4:38am
This is because the history of many people and cultures are conservative. A lot of times the closed-mindedness can be based in traditional religion, not that all who are religious are closed-minded. I live in the Bible Belt where many people are conservative Christians, meaning they think that people in the LGBTQ community are an "abomination". My own parents are closed minded as well when it comes to the LGBTQ community. A lot of times why this happens is people develop their own opinions, and they only interact with those within their closed-minded circle having their closed minded opinions justified and verified. If you look at those who are more traditional who interact with a large range of people, they are usually less closed minded even if they hold traditional opinions. XOXO William
July 20th, 2020 6:09am
From a real and psychological approach to this question? There have been MANY articles and studies performed on this question that you could explore through the internet. But in my honest opinion, what's more important is what are we - the members of the LGBTQI+ and their allies - going to do about them? How are we going to react? How are WE going to feel? Are we going to let their closed minded attitudes destroy us? Or are we going to remember to have pride in ourselves, and remember that it's THEM who has the issue -- not us, and that WE will not let THEM bring us down for an issue that THEY have.