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I am bipolar and have PTSD how do i make new friends? Also, how do i talk to people about it? It gets akward and i shut down if i try talking to someone about it...

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Last Updated: 02/04/2019 at 6:51am
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February 8th, 2018 10:52pm
Making new friends when you have a mental health condition is very much the same as making friends as if you didn't have one! We can join groups, start up new conversations.. You don't have to tell your friends about your Bipolar or PTSD if you don't want to. Not everyone will know, and that's okay. Sometimes it can help to build up some trust first so then you feel more comfortable telling them and that they can understand. If you decide to tell them, it's up to you how much or as little as you want to disclose. You could say something as simple as "I have a mental health condition which means my moods go up and down a lot and that means that sometimes I won't reply to your texts or will be more chatty" or "I went through some hard stuff a long time ago and I'm still struggling with that so I need a lot of alone time". Think a lot about what you might need from them - is it hugs, support, texts? Or just understanding that you might be 'off the radar' for a while? I'm not sure how helpful this is since it's a big question! But the other thing that might help is chatting to a listener about it - you might even be able to practice trying to talk about it with someone so that you can feel better when you share it with your friends. :)
February 4th, 2019 6:51am
I also have trouble making friends due to my social anxiety but I find it best to try and talk to people instead of being distant. Also do not be afraid to speak about your problems and don't bottle up your emotions. Talking to people will help you feel better. I know that making friends can be hard but you can do it. It may seem like your not likable but their will always be someone out there who loves you and will be your best friend. If you still feel lonely then open up to your friends and family because if you bottle up your emotions that can cause stress and you may become more irritable, The point is don't be afraid to open up and talk to people. Being pretty isn't everything and your beautiful just the way you are.