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i may be surrounded around eople but i feel so useless and alone. I don’t have a real friend to call if needs be. I always feel like i’m putting on a brave face and smiling. why me?

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Last Updated: 11/05/2018 at 8:09pm
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Brittany Kelley, MSW, LCSW

Clinical Social Work/Therapist

I am a psychodynamically trained clinical social worker. I find assisting women and families through difficult times an extremely rewarding and collaborative process.

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May 15th, 2018 12:31pm
We color our world with our own palette of emotional colors and thus tend to interpret our social relations in our own personal way.
November 5th, 2018 8:09pm
I understand your feeling. It is not just you. Everyone goes through this. A time comes in life when you feel alone and helpless. I think that you need to embrace yourself more. Acceptance is the key to happiness. You are worth it. You are priceless!! You just have to know it! Trust me, this is just a passing phenomenon. It will go! When this happened to me, i decided to focus upon the brighter things in my life. You can do that too and see if it works for you. Embrace yourself and thrive to grow each day or even better every passing minute. I hope this helps! Best wishes!