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How can I stop getting very depressed when something bad happens?

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Last Updated: 12/21/2020 at 9:10pm
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June 3rd, 2015 7:13pm
“We all have problems. The way we solve them is what makes us different.” first thing you should release your emotions. talk to someone about it or go for a jog. second thing you need to know you are not alone somewhere someone else is going through the same thing. thirdly An incident is an incident and we’re responsible for the feelings attached. Remove the feelings and look at the problem . This will help us cope way lot better.
March 8th, 2016 9:31pm
I think the best way to prevent yourself from getting depressed over bad things happening to change your perspective of the situation. This new perspective can help you realize how truly bad this situation is. You could create a scale from 1-10 and learn to rate the issue or struggle you are having, which can allows you to determine not only how bad it is really is but how to react to it. For example, if you do poorly on a test that you know you studied for, you would become depressed because it may feel like there is no hope of succeeding in the future. Instead of becoming depressed, it would be best to ask how bad it really is, by rating the whole problem from 1-10. This allows yourself to think realistically about the situation and to focus more on an effective solution or reaction. Like maybe you studied incorrectly or you're not that great at this particular subject, failing a test doesn’t indicate that you are a failure . So, instead of becoming depressed you could try to learn new study methods, ask your teacher where you went wrong, or plan to study longer next time. So in all, learning to accurately rate the bad things allows you to react appropriately and a new perspective on issues by not allowing them to control how you feel :)
April 11th, 2015 2:35am
Talk to someone. I've been where you are and lucky for you there's 7 cups! I'm always here to talk as are so many other listeners. It will get better!
June 14th, 2015 1:42pm
You can't stop the pain. But if you learn to internalize it, you have one more chance to manage it. Don't be afraid of feeling what you feel, because only you know what's best for yourself.
September 12th, 2016 1:46pm
It depends on what the something bad is? Some people get very exciting about something that will happen in the future, and if it does not go as planned they get very disappointed which can lead to depression. Often its made worse by telling those around you about the future event and how excited you are or what your expectations are. When it does not go as planned the disappointment is then increased with feelings of embarrassment. If this is the case with you, try to manage your own expectations and excitement. Stay calm, and don't tell everyone about it. Just play it cool up to the day. Then if it doesn't go as planned you won't be as disappointed. If you are talking about unexpected bad things, or bad luck then it's a different case. Try to find the silver lining sounds cheesy and cliche but it really does help. Keeping a journal helped me through some difficult days. At the end of each day I would write down 1 bad thing that happened followed by at least 3 good things. No matter how small the good things they can always be found. Focus on these. Also make sure to have goals to work towards. Focus on those, bad things that happen today become a lot less of a strain if you have that shining light of a goal you are working towards. Even if you have setbacks, each day will be bringing you closer to that goal!
May 16th, 2017 11:12am
Perspective. Bad things only feel "bad" because they're different from what we normally experience. Take time to think about how important this thing is, what you can realistically do to help it and finally show yourself some love. There are always people to talk to, reach out.
September 11th, 2017 8:11am
Distraction is the best technique. Whether you play an instrument, draw, or do a sport, engaging in those activities will help you find a positive escape
April 3rd, 2015 2:01pm
One can stop getting depressed by talking to someone about what happened. Sometimes crying in front of someone also helps.
May 13th, 2015 2:46pm
all you need to do is keep being positive, bad things happen to everyone , but only those who know how to deal with it, get over those bad things ;)
May 21st, 2015 7:05am
Simple, just think that life is a roller coaster... it has many ups and downs also. enjoy it but let it stay not long because you still have to experience those highs and lows.
April 18th, 2016 5:32am
you can try to think positive thoughts, write about the good parts of your life, sing songs, dance, etc...
May 14th, 2018 4:06pm
It is important to try to see the good points in bad situations or to try to make the bad points seem comparatively okay to another worse possible outcome. E.g-I dropped my slice of pizza, at least there is the rest of the box. Or I fell out with all my friends, at least I am comfortable with myself and I have a supportive family.
June 5th, 2018 6:20am
Tell yourself that you are already depressed if when bad things happen you get even more depressed. So in order to get out of your depression, you've gotta think to yourself and accept that you're making an effort to try and feel better (if you indeed are of course), but most importantly, start meditating and start imagining a situation that would normally make you very angry, and try and imagine yourself react not so badly to it. The more time you spend meditating and anticipating things that will happen around you that are good or bad, the more you'll feel prepared and won't feel as depressed if anything does happen, because they always do, it's just a matter of staying prepared, staying strong.
June 26th, 2018 6:35pm
By knowing that its absolutely normal.Everyone faces difficulties.You are not the only one.With every difficulty there is an ease.You are not responsible for everything bad that happens.
October 22nd, 2018 7:51pm
Firstly, you can begin with accepting the pain and not fighting against it. Maybe it is counterintuitive, but sometimes accepting that is normal to suffer when something bad happened it would lead to a faster process of healing. Secondly, you can focus on the little positive things in your life (e.g a sunny day, or a nice cup of coffee or even something for your sweet tooth). And lastly, very important factors are interpersonal relationships. You can seek out for help with a wide variety of people (from family and friends to listeners form 7cups). The pain is normal, but eventually, everything will pass! :)
December 21st, 2020 9:10pm
When something bad happens, allow yourself to feel it, to cry, to let it out, to journal, and to call a trusted friend to vent, but then in order to help stop getting very depressed, make sure that your basics are being accounted for. Make sure you are drinking water, eating nutritious meals, getting in some sort of movement, and taking your vitamins/meds that you need to take, and doing at least one thing each day that brings you joy. If these things aren't happening for you, definitely give your therapist a call and they can help with additional tips. You can do this