I am having a hard time looking at the good things in my life. What are some of the best ways to feel more grateful?

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Last Updated: 08/11/2019 at 8:49pm
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August 11th, 2019 8:49pm
I understand how you feel, what helped me be feel more grateful is detaching from social media and volunteering. Volunteering gives people hope and helps us step out of our bubble and look at the greater picture that exists outside of our own problems. You don't get poorer by giving back. Actually, it not only makes you happier, but fills you with a sense of gratitude and purpose. Volunteering in under-priveledged neighbourhoods, retirement or senior homes, soup kitchens / pantries, art museums, libraries, the Red Cross or even national parks are great ways to give back to the community. I know doctors and dentists who do free surgeries abroad. I had a friend who went to build homes and schools in low-income communities in Africa, South America and India. In addition to this, you can volunteer in animal rescue shelters to help bathe and feed strays or foster senior dogs and cats. Also, social media or daily vlogs can cause you to compare your life to that of others. Not everything that glitters is gold. A lot of the time, what you assume people's everyday realities are on social media are based on many fabrications. Life is rarely perfect, but everyday is a new blessing. Limiting social media time will allow you to disengage with edited versions of reality and instead engage more actively with your present life and the world around you. For instance, spending your time doing something of interest can add to your life in places you feel like there's a void (taking a walk in nature, photography, spending time with friends, reading a book etc.). It's the small pleasures that make life more enjoyable.