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I can't stop crying for days on end. What do I do?

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Last Updated: 10/15/2021 at 5:42pm
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April 8th, 2017 9:28am
talk to someone. It is important to surround yourself with people who care about you when you're feeling vulnerable. Talk things through and take in the positives.
April 19th, 2017 8:54pm
Crying is a humans way of experessing various emotions; sadness, happiness, etc. To bottle up your emotions is going to harm you mentally, cry if you want, cry until it feels like your sorrows has gone with along with your tears. Remember after the rain, comes a beautiful rainbow💋
April 24th, 2017 8:22pm
I have been here before many times. I was very reluctant to try medication or admit that I had something perhaps biologically off. If you are unable to control it or aren't sure why you're crying, it might be best to seek outside help. What stopped it for me was realising that I couldn't stop and needed outside help.
May 5th, 2017 12:08am
Allow yourself to cry, you release stress by doing so. Trying to stop yourself from crying or just not allowing yourself to worsens the situation. Talk through it with someone when you feel that you are able.
June 8th, 2017 3:25pm
Talk to someone and explain anything that has gone on lately. If that does not help maybe seek professional help.
June 21st, 2017 3:34pm
I would talk to someone about it as letting out my feelings helps with managing my emotions. It also helps when i know someone knows my current condition and is willing to help.
June 29th, 2017 5:32am
Change it up, go for a walk. Meet with friends, learn a new hobby. Anything that is a full 360 away from the reasons you were crying. Talking to close friends and family also.
July 2nd, 2017 3:11am
Sounds like something has really made you upset? Crying can be exhausting too. Sometimes chatting it out can help.
July 7th, 2017 6:31pm
I recommend you talk to someone. Maybe family or friends. You could also try talking to a therapist.
July 15th, 2017 12:39am
Life can be hard sometimes, and it's important that we have the support we need to be able to be stable mentally and physically. Start out with reaching out to friends, but it might be helpful to consider reaching out to a therapist who is especially trained to help people.
July 26th, 2017 3:37am
It might be time to talk to a therapist. Sometimes there's a stigma around therapy that you have to be really in distress to go to therapy, but people go to therapy for so many reasons, big and small. And it's not a lifetime commitment either. Try it. If it helps, great :)
August 13th, 2017 8:56pm
a good idea would be for you to pay a visit to a therapist. That will help you learn what's on your mind that makes you so sad
August 17th, 2017 6:11pm
Try relaxation methods. Write in a journal, listen to your favorite music, or do things that you did as a little kid. Or, just cry your eyes out and get over whatever you're sad about. Even when you've hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up!
November 9th, 2017 6:10pm
First take down paper and pen and write down a question why I am crying? Then answer all possibilities and try to solve one by one start by the easiest one.
November 15th, 2017 5:14am
Try and distract yourself... find something to try and occupy your mind and distract yourself from crying or feeling negative.
November 15th, 2017 12:45pm
Although it is natural and okay to cry sometimes, it may be an indication of a more serious problem when it lasts that long. There's a possibility that you're suffering from depression or bipolar or another such disorder. It is best to talk to an elder about this and see a doctor. If it is not found out to be physiological/neurological, it could be psychological. It is a good idea to try to find the root cause or the trigger for you and find a specific cure for it. Moreover, i suggest you to stay connected with '7 cups' listeners as sometimes talking can make real difference. Hope it all soon changes for you and for the better. :)
November 17th, 2017 12:13am
Taking care of yourself is most important, especially when it feels impossible to do. It will help..
November 18th, 2017 3:03pm
Think happy. Don't think about whatever is bothering you. Just distract yourself. Or you could try talking to that person about what is bothering you.
November 23rd, 2017 3:03pm
Find out why you are crying so much. And it is best if you talk to someone about it. Try to talk to someone you would blindly trust and someone who would understand what you are going through.
November 30th, 2017 7:00pm
Find and connect with what makes you happy and pay extra attention on that feeling you got from it.
December 2nd, 2017 4:19am
Take a piece of paper and write down all the things that you are sad of angry about. Now look at them, which of them bother you the most? Which seem solvable? Finally, write down possible solutions, even if you think you wont be able to carry them out. Do this every day, try to take tiny steps towards those solutions every day.
January 5th, 2018 11:16am
When we are in pain, sometimes our body reacts to it by crying. You have to understand what is triggering you, what is causing you pain and try to work on that.
January 7th, 2018 1:04pm
Nothing. Sit and cry. Cry without thinking anything. Cry till you can't anymore. Don't think anything..just cry. You can have a new beginning but first you need to cry without thinking of repercussions
January 10th, 2018 7:17am
Talk to someone. I think that talking through the problem will help you organize your thoughts. But also don't worry about crying. If you are crying you need those things to leave you and you might feel better about it later.
February 1st, 2018 5:35pm
when we face a problem in our lives we tend to feel all sorts of emotions like sadness, anger etc.. but sometimes we have to take a step back and know what the problem is, then begin to see how you could fix it, whether that be coming here on 7 cups, or talking to a professional or whatever it may be that you need. if there's a problem there's ALWAYS a solution, even though it may not feel that way at first.
February 4th, 2018 6:49am
Sometimes crying helps us reduce the emotions that we are feeling but if it continues then probably there is something wrong inside and you need someone to reach it out. I think talking to someone might help.
February 8th, 2018 12:28pm
In this situation, I usually watch video content which has a good chance of making me laugh. Usually cat or dog fails, hilarious Vines and stuff like that on YouTube.
February 23rd, 2018 11:20pm
There's nothing wrong with that, it's perfectly okay, let it all out of your system. Eventually there won't be any tears left and you'll feel better
March 4th, 2018 2:30am
If you can't stop crying for days on end, you can try talking your feelings out with someone you trust to see why it had left you in deep sorrow right now and reaching out may ease the tension on you a bit.
March 7th, 2018 7:28pm
Take a deep breath. Try and figure out why you think you're sad, see if you can address the issue. In the meantime, do something you enjoy!