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I have never felt so sad in my life. Why do I feel this way?

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Last Updated: 03/20/2021 at 4:50am
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I assist adults and couples in CA experiencing relationship challenges and interpersonal struggles including anxiety, depression, and a myriad of other life challenges.

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September 13th, 2015 1:53pm
So you're strong and mature enough to not feel so sad in your life and think that life is so short to be stressed about every negative thing we've been experincing.
September 18th, 2015 12:09am
I feel this way because I am human. I feel this way because I can! No path is linear. We all have our own journey and that is what makes us beautiful. How can we know what joy is if we never felt sorrow? How can we taste sweet if we have never tried anything bitter? You wouldn't be alive if you never felt sad.
October 21st, 2015 11:54pm
It's hard to pinpoint an exact cause of depression. Look for recent changes in your life, especially big ones, and try to figure out how they may have affected you.
October 22nd, 2015 1:29pm
it depends on why are you feeling sad for. if you are feeling sad because something had happened, then its absolutely normal, otherwise, you might be suffering from depression
October 24th, 2015 4:09am
Feeling sad is a part of life, just like feeling happy. People say that if you haven't felt sadness, how do you know what's happiness. Feeling sad is normal but feeling sad for a longer period of time means you have to do something different to change things.
October 24th, 2015 9:08pm
it really depends on why you are feeling like this, something that happened to you, any changes in your daily routines, or just the ups and downs of our regular days!
October 25th, 2015 4:06pm
In my personal experience, everything is temporary. Being happy is temporary but being sad that's extremely temporary. Things happen in life that hurt us badly, it's how you cope with them that determines who you will be in the future.
October 25th, 2015 8:15pm
You are going through a rough patch, there may be outside factors like work or school that are causing you to think negatively. Remember that everyone goes through a rough patch, Try to solve your problem head on, identify the factors that cause you to be sad during your day. You will soon overcome them.
October 28th, 2015 1:34pm
Sadness does not always have a clear and definite answer. When I feel sad, I like to evaluate when it is I started feeling this way and then think about the possible causes.
October 28th, 2015 9:26pm
Sometimes I fell empty, sometime I´m fully happy. Actually there is no fully happiness, we have just some great and unforgettable moments. In the most of time we face with so many problems that it becomes impossible to deal with all of them at the same time. This is my case. I guess I should try to solve with one by one and not all at the same time. This drive me crazy. This drive me to act with insanity. That´s the reason I´m so sad, because I fell incapable of to dealing with them.
October 29th, 2015 4:50am
maybe something make you heart untill you got very sad. and maybe that is first time your heart getting heart.
October 29th, 2015 10:55pm
There are many times when we experiences things that can trigger that emotion. It always best to see the positive even if you can't there's always help!
October 30th, 2015 11:24pm
There may be many possible reasons behind your emotional state. Try to look deep inside you and identify what is wrong and if this is hard for you, talking with a listener could always help you feel better!
October 31st, 2015 1:16pm
What has happened in your life? Any serious event? It is understandable to feel very sad at some point especially experiencing something life changing.
November 1st, 2015 12:55am
It may be because you are unhappy with how things are around you. It's best to accept what happens and do your best to stay positive about the situation because being unhappy for what happens will only make you more sad. Try writing down exactly what could possibly be the reason(s) for you to feel that way. Tell yourself that it is okay to feel sad, but not too sad. Remember that you are in control of your thoughts and feelings. The way you react and/or feel about things affect how you are.
November 4th, 2015 4:18am
Sometimes emotions don't have triggers and are just caused by subconscious concepts in our mind or chemical imbalances. Your feelings are totally rational and healthy and you shouldn't be ashamed to reach out for help.
November 4th, 2015 5:23pm
There have been times when I have felt so low that nothing seemed to help. No matter what I did, who I was with- I couldn't get myself to feel happy. This was depression, and I thought it would never get better. But it did! Therapy, meditation, and medication helped me hop out of a negative place, and I am much happier now. No matter how bad it seems, things WILL GET BETTER if you work.
November 5th, 2015 12:43am
I can't answer this because I don't know what's going on in your life but you should definitely ask yourself this question. Whats going on to make you feel sad.? What makes you happy? What do you need to change in your life to be happy again? A new job, a new relationship, being single? The first step starts with you!
November 5th, 2015 5:37am
As much as I hate this response, from having clinical depression, I can tell you it can very very well be hormonal. Through the growth of our bodies and such, sometimes there is an imbalance or a short deficiency in serotonin (the happy hormone). One minute you can be busting a gut laughing because your life is so great, and then next second you are weeping in the car-port at 11pm and you have no idea why, but you're praying that something will squash you like a bug because you just want to die, but I promise- give it a couple days, maybe even a nights rest, and you should feel just fine :)
Anonymous - Expert in Managing Emotions
November 5th, 2015 7:14am
Sadness can come in many ways. But there will be a root cause to your sadness. The idea is to find the root cause and cure it.
November 5th, 2015 1:49pm
The only judge of this is you i could not possibly tell you why you feel like that but here is a hint. The answer is you on you can bring yourself down and blue and only you can build yourself up and choose not let anything in the way of your happiness even a gloomy day like today
November 6th, 2015 10:36am
Its okay to feel sad... its a part of life... if you only ever experience happiness it wont have that value... its okay to be sad
November 6th, 2015 8:08pm
Multiple things can pile up and up but focus on the good. you're breathing and alive. you can get through this i promise. you've made it this far :)
November 7th, 2015 6:45pm
It must have have affected you very profoundly. Its alright to feel sad. Only by feeling sad can a person get through such events.
November 11th, 2015 3:49pm
Sometimes people can get a sudden burst of emotion randomly throughout their life. It's probably best to think hard about what is making you feel this way. And don't be afraid to feel sad or upset. Ignoring it will only make it worse. Take a deep breath and pay attention to your emotions when you're alone.
November 12th, 2015 4:21pm
There are times and moments that make us feel really sad, devastated even. It all depends on how much you've invested in what happened. Many times we feel bad and confused on whether is okay to feel this way. But we shouldn't try to avoid feeling sad. Let yourself feel however you are feeling. It will pass and you will eventually understand what happened and it will be easier to move on. Have patience with yourself.
November 13th, 2015 6:47pm
This is wat each of us feels evry time fate takes a turn...nothing to worry in it...natural human instincts!!
November 15th, 2015 4:17am
Your sadness could be a combination of things. It could be the change of season, it could be added stress to your life such as a new job, a new baby/sibling, a new relationship or the end to one.
November 15th, 2015 12:37pm
Sounds like you have never felt so low and are confused as to why you feel this way. Tell me more about how you have been feeling.
November 18th, 2015 4:32am
as i age looking bac on the bad choices i have made bring me sadness and feel i will only make more bad choices but what i did yesterday i dont have to do tomorrow