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Why do I seek attention from my friends or want them to feel bad for me? like I'm not a person who would do anything for attention or put others down for attention but I want attention from them.

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Last Updated: 05/03/2021 at 3:51am
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May 3rd, 2021 3:51am
We as human beings, seek validation and attention from others and that's completely normal since we are social by nature. We occasionally need love and support, feel needed and appreciated. Every human being deserves that as long as they respect others as well. But one thing to take into account is that we should love and appreciate ourselves first before seeking it from somewhere else. Know that you are valuable, you are worth it, even if others don't see it, it does not mean it is not true. We just need to have more self-confidence and boost our self-esteem first. We can just for example do any activity for fun, learn new things and most importantly help others. It really makes a huge difference and makes you love yourself more. Later on, you won't feel the huge need of wanting attention from friends because you are already enough, loved regardless of anything else. ❤️