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Why do I sometimes enjoy feeling sad?

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Last Updated: 02/25/2022 at 9:40pm
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March 21st, 2021 7:05pm
I sometimes enjoy being sad because it allows me to let out all of my emotions which is something people need now and then, I feel that every human being is allowed to feel negative emotions because it’s a normal feeling that you should be able to let out. I find that when I let sad emotions out I feel a lot better afterwards because I didn’t keep them locked up. But I also think that it allows you to not have a build up of negative emotions and it comes out in negative actions. Sometimes showing sad emotions can allow you to be more open
April 2nd, 2021 3:01pm
I do enjoy feeling sad. Sometimes, sadness can boost our creativity! We can paint or draft a poem. We can run faster to heal from feeling sad and then enjoy the moment that we become a more robust version of ourselves. However, it does not mean that only some people can benefit from sadness. Everyone can enjoy the feeling of sadness as a way of accepting happiness. It is essential to accept that feeling sad is not always bad. We need to take our negative emotions as we do positive emotions and deal with them with pleasure. Acceptance is the way to get emotionally stronger and resilient.
April 7th, 2021 6:58pm
I think it's because it's incredibly validating to *allow* yourself to feel bad. I actually think it's healthy in a form of acceptance to enjoy the highs and lows. Perhaps it's very freeing and cathartic for you to feel sad because you resonate with that sadness. As long as it's, as you say, at times and in a validating manner of self-compassion, I don't see something wrong with it. It could also be that you feel comfortable in your sadness to a fault—but only you know the answer to that. Do you feel as though you dont deserve to feel happy? In that case sadness could feel like something you deserve and need. In this case it'd actually be the opposite from what I said above, and would be a lot more painful as it would mean you lack self-worth. Only you know the answer, though!
May 30th, 2021 9:44pm
Well, I first want to point out that the notion that it is "weird" to feel sad is reserved for cultures that believe that sadness is somehow bad. However, sadness is a regular part of everyday life, and other cultures believe that sadness is a good thing. As for why it might be enjoyable, fully experiencing emotions allows for complete emotional release. You have this sadness and you are finding a way to express it in a healthy way, which allows you to feel better afterwards. So, enjoying feeling sad is perhaps less weird than we tend to make it seem, and it's good in that it lets you deal with any negative emotions fully, allowing you to feel better afterwards
June 2nd, 2021 9:59pm
If we are used to feeling sad all of the time, then it's natural to feel comfortable in that state. Mere-exposure theory specifically states that humans are more likely to favour things that are familiar! Likewise, feeling happy or being in a positive mood might feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable, which causes us to want to feel sad instead. With time and proper coping, we can move closer to feeling comfortable with being happy and content. In my personal experience, it takes everyday practice and reminding myself that I deserve to feel happy and that sadness is only useful if we use it to grow. It becomes a burden once we allow ourselves to dwell.
July 31st, 2021 11:06am
The reason you might enjoy being sad is that it is a familiar place and it feels comfortable to us. Often time we become so accustomed to being a certain way that we really don't notice it. Not to say that you are looking for attention but sometimes it is a cry for attention or a way of getting others to notice us and maybe ask what is wrong. It does not matter if it is negative attention or positive attention we just need to be noticed. It happens to the best of us. So don't beat yourself up over this but use this as a means to move past it. Begin to look inside yourself and see what makes you desire to want to be sad. There is something going on in the brain that is drawing you to do this. You can change this with practice and willpower. I have been there too so I totally understand.
August 18th, 2021 1:03am
Sadness is sometimes one of the most comforting things. People get so used to a negative mindset that we find comfort in being sad. It is totally normal and actually very common. Sometimes we tend to invite in our “depression monsters”, that’s what they want us to do. They want us to find comfort in them and keep them around longer. You may always want to just wallow in your own sadness, but it’s not good for you. You have to learn how to politely ask your monsters to go away. To kick them out. Sadness will bring you down a very deep hole.
October 10th, 2021 11:20pm
Because sometimes it feels safe to remain in the familiar. If you feel sad quite often, you might feel it is a place you know, somewhere private that no one can intrude upon you in it, it is your own bubble. Maybe it is also because feeling sad offers you a space to let your feelings out instead of keeping them hidden inside you. When you are sad you can be yourself, not pretending to be happy and joyful as others expect you to be. Sometimes feeling sad is an excuse to no do what we should be doing, such as working or studying, so one feels less guilty not doing the work.
October 14th, 2021 5:57pm
This is more common than you think. Sometimes we enjoy feeling sad because we have been sad a lot more than we have been happy in the past. So it's comfortable. Other times, we are punishing ourselves because of wrongs we have done in the past we haven't forgiven ourselves for. Other times, we like feeling sad because we hope to get comfort from it even if we don't actually seek out comfort. Maybe we aren't getting enough comfort or attention, and maybe feeling sad is our way of telling ourselves it's okay to want that comfort or attention because you have something ailing you, the sadness.
October 23rd, 2021 6:13pm
Because we, humans, often have a fear of being happy. We are sometimes negatively impacted by our thinking. If we truly want to stop being sad, we must find some positive things in our environment and remind ourselves that our feelings are valid. However, we need to take time to analyze our feelings and move on. I tend to enjoy making list in order to feel other emotions. For example: Things that make me happy are seeing the sunshine, picking pretty flowers, having the warmth of the sun on my skin, breathing fresh air, smiling at a stranger or helping someone else.
November 27th, 2021 1:48am
Sometimes we take comfort in what feels familiar predictable. We can grow used to situations that cause us pain and take comfort in it, even if we know it's bad for us, just because it's what we're used to. We're creatures of habit and sometimes trying something out of the ordinary feels scary and we would rather retreat back to what we know, even if it's feeling sad. Lot's of us might be trying to seek out situations that we have experienced since childhood because it's what we know, it's what we feel comfortable with. It can be really hard to break the cycle. Other people who struggle with feeling nothing at all also may enjoy feeling negative emotions because they believe it's better than feeling nothing at all.
January 23rd, 2022 6:51pm
‌Some may feel that sadness can help them from more hardship. They may feel it's better than initially experiencing happiness for nothing but to end in misery. I have noticed people saying don't laugh too much you'll cry. But it's not like that. If that's the case you'll laugh more after you cry right. Don't embrace sadness and fix it. Of course, sadness is a part of life but it shouldn't be the entire part. It's there for us to experience more learnings and happiness. If you feel like this often, please seek help.
February 2nd, 2022 2:37pm
Personally, I enjoy the comfort sadness gives me. When I look back at it, sadness has always been an emotion I have had. Even on my best days, there was a point I felt sad. It's comforting knowing that this emotion has stayed with me for so long. Nothing has been with me as long as sadness has. I feel like I have some sort of connection to it. Like no matter what happens, I know my friend sadness will always be by my side. Also, being happy doesn't always feel right. It's like I'm used to the sadness. Being happy doesn't fit my personality as much as the sadness does. Anyways, I hope any of you who are struggle know I love you and it will get better
February 12th, 2022 7:44am
Sadness, I believe, can become a part of us at times. It doesn't define a person, but it can cast a shadow over them. Change is something we don't enjoy as humans. People who suffer from depression and sadness spend so much time in that gloomy area that it nearly feels like home. We enjoy the sameness and the twisted comfort it provides. We may believe that we deserve to be sad at times. We can't wait to wallow in our misery and let off steam. Sadness has an almost seductive quality to it. this is just my perspective of the question.
February 25th, 2022 9:40pm
When viewed in a healthy way, sadness is evidence of the depth being human. People aren't just one emotion all the time; sadness can be a time of reflection. We are more in touch with who we are when we feel low. So there is nothing wrong with sometimes enjoy feeling sad. The Bible even backs this up and even encourages the merits of being sad and what we can learn from that period of feeling low. You don't even need to be a Christian to agree with the basic principle this passage conveys: "Sorrow is better than laughter, because a sad face is good for the heart. The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning, but the heart of fools is in the house of pleasure." -Ecclesiastes 7:3-4