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When is the ideal age of losing virginity?

2 Answers
Last Updated: 01/28/2021 at 9:41pm
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Anonymous - Expert in Men's & Women's Issues
September 22nd, 2020 7:42am
The ideal age is when you feel like doing it. When you are comfortable with your body, when you trust your partner. And you are not pressurized into it. When you are ready to care for a child, because that remains a possibility in intercourse, as we know, no contraception is 100% safe. When you can laugh in the morning about clumsy clothes and awkward elbows. When you know that it is OK to be a virgin. You'll know when you find the right person, because he/she won't make your heart beat faster, they'll make you feel warm and safe and happy. Hope it helps :)
January 28th, 2021 9:41pm
I think the ideal age is the age that you've married your soulmate. Now, I know it sounds far away and lame, but think about it this way: whatever you do with anyone, except for the one person who is your spouse, you are doing with someone else's spouse. I've had three boyfriends, and I can tell you now that I feel bad for everything I did with them that they'll never get to do for the first time with the actual love of their life. I know it's hard, it's even hard for me, but remember - a truly good partner will admire and respect you even more for your strength in this. They are out there, and they are proud of your ability to save everything you have for them. You got this:)
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