Besides focusing on my breathing, what else do people do to calm themselves down?

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Last Updated: 10/30/2018 at 5:10am
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May 30th, 2017 11:00pm
Visualise and focus on you fear; give it a colour, shape, movement, sound... Focus on keeping it in one area or even making it smaller; I have asked why this helps my friends and the ones who do it all have different explanations ("you can beat it and push it out", "it's like knowing your fear", "I can stop it from going out of control", "I can know what it'll do next") but it seems to work. This also works for physical pain.
October 30th, 2018 5:10am
Personally, I write. Whether it’s in my journal or making up short stories but when I am feeling overwhelmed or sad, I am more drawn to pulling out my diary/journal and ranting away. I calm down a lot because I feel like I get all the overwhelming and consuming thoughts finally out. Even though it’s not to a person, it’s out in the open in some form. When I journal, I pop on my favorite tunes and lounge on the floor and begin to write. These writings doesn’t have to be neat and should solely be meant for you so no organization or standards should be met. To calm down I also like to color and listen to a audiobook. I begin to drift off in the audiobook away from whatever I was upset over as I color along. This is also a rewarding project because you can use different coloring books and different things to color, draw, or cut out to do in the meantime. The outcome of the picture is rewarding to your dedication of the photo. This work you put into the photo as you are lost into the audiobook, you calm down and even start to forget why you were so upset.