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I'm not for sure what happened, but i sat on my bed for a few sobbing and making a wheezing sound. Was this a meltdown or a panic attack?

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Last Updated: 01/29/2019 at 12:25pm
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Sarah Archer, LMFT

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January 29th, 2019 12:25pm
Honestly? That's too little information to be able to define the experience you just had. Panic attacks have a myriad of revolving different symptoms, as does having a melt down. Honestly, in some ways, they can be considered one in the same, or linked, depending on the severity of the situation. If you found yourself in a place where you couldn't control how you felt, overwhelmed, which affected your breathing, heart rate, or dysphoria, I would honestly point more towards a panic attack, or an anxiety attack (Which should not be discounted since it isn't the same thing) that may have affected you.