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PTSD/Trauma Q&A

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PTSD/Trauma FAQ - Questions & Answers

Just found out a person I know was raped once by a person I know and I don't know what to do. I want to know how to support here on this?

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When I was a teen I was in a sexual relationship with a 35+ year old. Now he realized how old I was and he changed his number and avoids me when he sees me. I feel traumatized and shunned. Why is this?

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I have voices in my head (none of them say bad stuff but they try to control me), I have a giant inner world that has about 9-10 people in it, really bad memory. Whats wrong with me?

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How to admit that you have been raped? I mean who do I go to first?

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How can I tell the difference between an anxiety trigger and a ptsd trigger? My reactions tend to be similar.

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How can I stop feeling guilty for wanting nothing to do with my real parents, they abused me. I'm adopted and my parents I have now care. Is it wrong to try and forget them?

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My mother touches my breasts and grabs my vagina. It happens almost every week and has been happening for several years. I don't think she does this with sexual intent. Is this sexual abuse ?

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How can you healthily learn to live along side someone who sexually assaulted you if you have no way of not getting them out of your life anytime soon?

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How do I know if I had a traumatic experience?

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Why do I feel symptoms of PTSD from the death of loved one when it was after a long illness and not a surprise?

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