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If I'm a girl, and am romantically, sexually, aesthetically and sensually attracted to guys, but also can be sensually and aesthetically attracted to girls, am I bisexual or not?

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Last Updated: 05/05/2020 at 12:37am
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- Expert in Questioning Identity
May 5th, 2020 12:37am
Being bi requires sexual and/or romantic attraction to more than one gender. If your attraction to girls is not of these kinds, but it's rather based on aesthetic appreciation and physical closeness that is not sexual, it's more likely that you are straight!
April 29th, 2020 11:30pm
Hey, I'm a girl too and i'm pansexual but it changes a lot. Sometimes I'm sexually, romantically and sensually attracted to girls and people who are non-binary, but only slightly romantically attracted to guys, and some days it's the opposite. Most of the time being bi is not 50/50 girls and guys, and it can change daily or even hourly. It's still valid even if people say it "doesn't count as bisexual". I'm not sure if this was helpful or not, but I hope it was.