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Relationship Stress Q&A

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I cheated on my boyfriend when we first started dating, now we are trying to fix our relationship. But after 3 months he still brings it up and it tears me apart every time. What do I do?

Answers: 5 | Last Answer: August 1st, 2019 | 8

Can a person still be termed as emotionally manipulative if he/she does not verbally abuse you or threaten you? Can both partners in a relationship be emotionally abusive to each other?

Answers: 8 | Last Answer: July 20th, 2021 | 7

Can someone be maybe older then 20 years old and never had a boyfriend? Is this normal?

Answers: 5 | Last Answer: February 9th, 2021 | 7

My friend and I used to be close, but I don't know now. She's really negative and only engages in conversation if it relates to her. I want her to be like the way she was when we first met. What should I do?

Answers: 6 | Last Answer: January 29th, 2019 | 6

What can I do if my partner is too clingy?

Answers: 8 | Last Answer: December 17th, 2018 | 6

I feel like my boyfriend doesn't love me anymore and it hurts brutally. But I don't wanna lose him too. What should I do?

Answers: 8 | Last Answer: July 17th, 2018 | 6

Whats the best way to stop thinking about someone you just broke up with?

Answers: 18 | Last Answer: March 31st, 2020 | 6

I was sexually abused for a decade. Now trying to enter into a relationship. I can't even hug the guy... What can I do to get through my past so I can enjoy my future?

Answers: 4 | Last Answer: August 6th, 2019 | 6

What can I do to better communicate with my partner?

Answers: 12 | Last Answer: June 18th, 2018 | 5

What can I do to help my partner stop holding past wrong doings over my head?

Answers: 5 | Last Answer: May 19th, 2020 | 5