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I dont know what to talking about in the first date,and I'am so nervous?

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Last Updated: 10/05/2021 at 3:49am
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Tanyia Hughes, Adv Dip Psy


I have been through a lot in life too, which helps me to be able to empathize with situations, thoughts and feelings that we have. Sometimes, it's not easy just being human.

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October 5th, 2021 3:49am
Some great topics to talk about while on your first date: talk about where you’re from, open up about your hobbies (maybe you can find some things to do together), and chat about your ambitions - ambitious people are really attractive to any gender! I would also suggest talking about maybe your favorite music or what you expect from your potential partner (honesty and clear communication are key in a healthy relationship)! It is also really easy to talk about your favorite movies, TV shows, and books. In summary, be yourself and just talk about topics you genuinely enjoy talking about, because dating shouldn't be viewed as a process with a "topics checklist" - try to keep it as natural as possible!!