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I'm In love with my ex who still loves me and is in a new relationship he is also 18 and I'm 14 and our family's have bad history together what do I do??

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Last Updated: 03/02/2020 at 7:56am
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May 16th, 2018 2:48pm
If your ex really loved you, he probably wouldn't be in another relationship. And it is illegal for him to date you, since he is an adult. I think you should probably just be friends, or stay away from him.
March 2nd, 2020 7:56am
I think, if you both love each other, wait it out. Being so young (you especially), I would say to wait until you are at least 16, but ideally 18 to venture into such a relationship. Having time apart will let him know if he really needs to leave his new relationship. And this will give you the time to grow, mature, and figure out if you still love him after years apart. It will also give you more independence from your families, and freedom to have your relationship on your own terms (both being over 18, and having had years apart, you may be more mature, and have a more objective view of your relationship with each other). You're so young, and I think taking this time to learn, grow, and establish your own boundaries/needs for yourself should be your main priority. Relationships are hard work, especially with a big age difference. So take this time to reflect on yourself, and I'm sure you both will feel a lot less pressure to make such big decisions.
May 29th, 2018 10:42pm
I see this must be hard for you. How long have you to been broken up? Can you tell me more about it?