What do I do if my boyfriend does not love me back?

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Last Updated: 03/06/2019 at 1:42am
What do I do if my boyfriend does not love me back?
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March 6th, 2019 1:42am
I know this might be hard for you to hear, but I think the obvious answer here is for you to just move on. I know you love this man, but what is the point being in a relationship when your boyfriend doesn't love you? I know this would be tough for you, it would be ignorant of me to deny this. You would just have to find someone else who truly loves you. If all this, however, is just speculation then I would suggest sitting down and talking to him. See if there are anything that can be done to fix this. You can always talk to a trustworthy friend about this, someone who would be there for you. Also, 7cups is always here if you need a friend or someone to talk to.