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What does being emotionally connected with other people mean?

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Last Updated: 09/14/2020 at 4:54am
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April 6th, 2020 10:36am
it means you aware when they feel angry, sad or feel overwhelmed. it means understand their feeling. it means you can feel how they feel if you're in that position and when they feel sad, you can treat them empatheticly and make them feel good again and not judging them when they feel so wrong. it means you had spend quality time emotionally, physically, and spiritually with each other. it means you don’t point out their weakness; you already know. Accept your friends in all things, all of their weird little quirks. Remember, you have them too, and you want the same respect from your friends.
September 14th, 2020 4:54am
Being emotionally connected with other people means that you are actively making an effort to share your feelings and thoughts with others. This allows you to create a connection with them through your emotions, hence the term "emotionally connected". An emotional connection can look different for everyone, since everyone is different. Choosing to create emotional connections can deepen your bond of another person and can lead to better relationships with people that you care about. Feelings and thoughts are subjective so sharing them with another person can help with developing deeper empathetic responses and inspire another person to be more compassionate.