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How can I feel better about my body amd the way I look?

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Last Updated: 02/25/2020 at 4:57pm
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January 1st, 2019 3:42am
Wear clothes that flatter your body! Not everyone is the same body type and that’s ok. Make sure that you wear things that are comfortable and your own personal style. If you are having trouble with your weight try asking someone you feel comfortable with to hide the scale. Find some style icons. Instagram has some great people! Personally, if I’m looking for some bold clothes I try akira but that’s just a suggestion. Ignore what people say you should or shouldn’t wear if you are tall wear vertical stripes! You only get one body, so it’s best to learn to love it!
July 3rd, 2018 5:43am
That's hard too fix, but try not to compair yourself too others. Remember you were made the way you were, so don't think too much stuff to dislike about your self. If you don't like the way you look, You change it. Not because of others that may not like it. THERE'S ONLY ONE YOU, so keep it how you want it.
August 20th, 2018 3:41pm
Look what the other person doesn’t have or see million of outfits that you can pull off until you feel good about yourself. If there is a boy or girl you like and you want to look your best but you see other dress better than you then go and compliment their outfits and leave. The other people will also like your outfit. I will guarantee you that none of them will say something negative about your outfit to your and if they do, that also means they really like your outfit and they don’t want to admit it. Remember your goal is to feel better about yourself and the way you look.
February 25th, 2020 4:57pm
Focus on the POSITIVE and NOT the negative! Find things in the mirror that you like about yourself. Do you like your quirky laugh? Your eyes, your smile, your hair? Find the things that make you feel special and confident about yourself. Don't put yourself down by pointing out your flaws, because guess what! EVERYBODY has them. No one on this earth is perfect no matter how amazing or pretty or handsome they seem. Know your worth and know that a little bit of positive and motivation will go a long way. Celebrate the things that make you feel down and work on shifting your view.