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Why can't I see myself as beautiful or pretty? I try so hard to be positive and not view myself as ugly but I always find the imperfections.

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Last Updated: 09/28/2020 at 3:55pm
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September 28th, 2020 3:55pm
Why are imperfections considered ugly? There is a beautiful quote by Tyra Banks- "Perfect is boring. Human is beautiful." It is important to accept these imperfections and love them as part of you, because these little imperfections are what make up the perfect you. Comparison, if you find yourself doing it, is highly destructive for self-esteem. It does nobody any good. Everyone is different with their own share of imperfections, and you are unique too. I had this problem too, but I overcame it with learning to love myself. It is a slow, hard process, but the end result is amazing. Maybe this will sound strange but it helped me so I'll share it- I started to wake up every single day, stand in front of my mirror and told myself I'm beautiful, no matter what I think, what anybody thinks. Nothing can change that, and there is nothing about my that I want to ever change. And believe me when I tell you that at least in my case, it helped immensely. See everybody is beautiful in their own quirky way, it is only upto themselves to realize that and they will, sooner or later. And I am sure you will too. :)