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Why do I always feel as though everyone is better than me? How to get rid of these feelings?

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Last Updated: 08/16/2021 at 2:16pm
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August 16th, 2021 2:16pm
Hello there! Your question is a great one, and touches on a lot of important feelings that are commonplace for a lot of people. People can feel inferior to others for a lot of different ways. I will try to lay some out for you, but I would also be happy to explore this topic with you further if you so wish. Social media is a big one. I know social media is the villain of every story it is in, but it shows in inaccurate view of the world. People aren't always having a nice time. Instagram doesn't show the late nights. Facebook doesn't show the stresses of school and work and juggling everything all at once. Social media omits a crucial part of life at the moment - the bad bits! As well as that, we were mostly raised on the religious idea (whether or not you were actually raised religious) that we must be productive. That if we are not actively studying or working or bonding or caring about things, we are lazy, and we are not doing anything. Long story short: that simply is not the case. We all need downtime, and time to do nothing. Not everything we do needs to have a purpose. You might watch TV just to watch TV, or do a craft because you feel like it. That is okay, healthy even. It may be, however, that you are not going through life with the right amount of purpose. You may be choosing to do things, but not choosing how to do things. I know that sounds confusing, so I will try to explain. We all want to know who we are. Some of us choose to align our purposes to causes, or to jobs, to children or to marriage. And that is perfectly ok. But a lot of us, we have this strange feeling that we could be doing more, or doing it differently, that we are running out of time, or that everyone else has it all figured out. (We don't.) And thats okay! My solution to that, is to live purposefully. Choose to wear clothes that make you smile (never mind what anyone may think!), choose to smile at strangers (or don't, I get it.), choose to wake up every morning. You have to choose to be uniquely and wholly you. It may be that someone has told you that you aren't as good as everyone else, and that can be a hard thing to shake. To that, I would say, "Screw them!" They don't know what they are talking about, and most likely said that from an insecure place themselves. And just in case no one has said this to you yet: people aren't judging you anywhere near as much as you think they are. Everyone is busy worrying about the same things you are, so don't worry. There is no benchmark for a good life, a successful life, or a happy life. There is no rule book, so don't worry if you feel you aren't living up to other people's standards.