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Self-Harm Q&A

436 Questions


I'm going on holiday in 5 months will myself harm scars fade my mum doesn't know I'm terrified please help me ?

Answers: 4 | Last Answer: January 18th, 2022 | 0

Why can't I tell someone I cut myself?

Answers: 23 | Last Answer: January 17th, 2022 | 115

What is it about cutting and the blood that I'm so addicted to? Am I insane?

Answers: 8 | Last Answer: December 28th, 2021 | 119

How can I find healthy alternatives to self harm?

Answers: 23 | Last Answer: December 28th, 2021 | 6

Is it normal to feel the urges to self-harm after you've stopped for months?

Answers: 40 | Last Answer: December 27th, 2021 | 158

What do I do to stop self harming myself?

Answers: 4 | Last Answer: December 21st, 2021 | 3

My bestfriends friend cuts and she hasnt been eating she hasn’t said an ything to us but we see it I’m not really close to her and and best f is bad with words so we not sure how to mention it ?

Answers: 3 | Last Answer: December 13th, 2021 | 0

When distractions don't work, what else can I try to prevent self-harm?

Answers: 18 | Last Answer: November 30th, 2021 | 14

Me and my mom are really close. I love her very much , but she doesn't know I cut and I wanna tell her. But I feel like it would break her. How do I tell her?

Answers: 8 | Last Answer: November 29th, 2021 | 2

Is it normal to progress from one form of self harm to another ?

Answers: 16 | Last Answer: November 23rd, 2021 | 3