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how i get out of my mind the wrong person?

12 Answers
Last Updated: 11/10/2020 at 3:15pm
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March 7th, 2015 7:53pm
The solution is "simple" you just have to find other friends to be surrounded by good people. This technique works in almost every case, but it all depends on why this is a bad person for you, and if you are not able to make new friends, try to go for specialized people as a Psycologue, the word looks intimidating, but they are really efficient and very helpful. You can talk to them about anything, and he will be able to help you during this time of your life.
April 21st, 2015 12:50pm
Doing things for yourself that you enjoy and that you find rewarding is helpful 😊 meet new people and spending time with friends ...
January 26th, 2016 3:30am
It can be very hard, you can keep doing activities that you like, going out, or learning new things to keep you busy may help.
March 16th, 2015 7:36pm
Do something you love the most. Draw, sing, dance, run, eat ice-cream. Whatever it is that gets you into the right mood.
May 11th, 2015 7:21pm
If you want to geta certain person off your mind , what usually helps me is doing something that makes me happy and being around people who love your company! It takes your mind off everything for a little while and everything feels great :)
June 14th, 2015 11:03am
Find another person to forget the other one. There are lots of people in the world and I'm sure that you'll find the correct one.
August 30th, 2015 5:58am
think of someone or something else, you could also go online to look up pictures of your favorite things.
November 1st, 2015 11:59pm
Distract yourself and when that doesn't work remind yourself of all the reasons they are the ' wrong' person
November 17th, 2015 12:25am
I don't think trying this ever works, unless you fall in love all over again. But there are ways to make it bearable. For example, change your perspective about this person, convince yourself that this person was not good for you in any way, and then repeat those reasons to yourself whenever you find yourself thinking about them.
January 12th, 2016 9:29am
Think of things that make you happy, and keep those things all around you. I find it easier to surround myself with the things that make me smile.
May 29th, 2017 5:57pm
By accepting that the person whom I am thinking is wrong for me.not necessarily He/She is would be wrong for everyone else. Each one of us comes with limitations and errors. Looking at another person with the view point should yield consideration to his/ her limitations. Then maybe we won't have to try to hard to forget them. We try to hard to making them out of our mind because we think they are hard to forget after what they have done to us. But really we are all but limited and dependent. How can a being as fragile as this can depend and give importance to someone so much that it comes to this that they have to get them out of their mind. We should rather try to pray for them that if the person we are trying to forget is evil that the creator corrects him so that others may not suffer like me and if that person is good then may the creator get others to receive the benefit he possesses and make me better than the person i am praying for.
November 10th, 2020 3:15pm
I have found that I tended to gravitate toward a person given their added value to my life. When I consider what it is that the person brings to my life that causes me to really want to be around them, I am more aware of the reason why I feel a need to keep them in my life. When I am aware of it, I know what I feel is missing from my life and what I could search for outside the person. It would allow me to find that quality outside the person. For instance, if its validation sometimes I seek a healthier means than receiving it from a relationship that is really harmful.