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I like my scars, I'm proud of them and love what they look like, I don't show them to anyone because I feel like they're something personal but I'm confused. Why do I love them ?

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Last Updated: 04/23/2019 at 2:56am
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January 8th, 2018 3:04am
Scars are tangible reminders of when you have come close to the brink and survived. They are visible links to the past that, hopefully, remind you on some level that you are strong and a survivor.
February 20th, 2018 11:18pm
I like mine too. Everyone is a little different - some hate them. The reasons that I like mine is because it shows me that despite how much pain I was in emotionally, I was able to get through that time. Just because I am struggling doesn't mean that I have to take it out on my body - looking at the scars doesn't make me want to cut again necessarily, but it shows me that I've been constantly able to learn from this experience. Hopefully this clicks with you - sometimes it's hard to know. :)
February 20th, 2018 7:48am
you may love them because your scars show what your last life was like and that you have become stronger
March 19th, 2018 6:41pm
It may be because they are scars and not open wounds. It may be symbol of strength for you. Something that proves you’re strong enough to not self-harm.
March 19th, 2018 11:13pm
I feel the same way! I love my scars and that is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact i think it's something to be very proud of. Now being happy about your body and showing it off don't necessarily correlate, and that's normal too!
April 23rd, 2019 2:56am
I believe it is normal to be proud of our healing. Having scars gives you a reminder of everything you went through to get to where you are. without them, you would be somewhere completely different from where you are right now. You would be someone completely different. Your struggle happened for a reason and you made it through so that you can do something good with your life. I believe loving scars means loving your own strength and resilience. You see that reminder all the time and it's your own personal reminder to continue being as strong as you were and to keep up your strength for those around you who might need an example of what good can come from pain.