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I often scratch myself with a broken plastic fork. Is that self harm?

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Last Updated: 11/08/2021 at 4:43pm
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February 6th, 2019 9:44pm
Anything can constitute as self harm as far as the harming part goes. If it is “habitual” and purposeful as a means of relieving emotional distress you may be suffering from the often addictive cycle of self harm, yes. I’ve known a variety of people who have previously self harmed in a number of ways, and of course it’s important to remember self harm is most certainly not always the traditional cutting we’re often shown in movies or for examples of self harm. Any harming behavior is fair game.. Of course I fully encourage you to do your own research however and seek emotional support if you feel necessary, and remember your never alone ❤️
November 8th, 2021 4:43pm
It would depend on what you're trying to accomplish by doing this. Do you scratch yourself because you itch? Or do you do this when you're overwhelmed with emotion? How hard are you scratching yourself, and have you ever broken skin or drawn blood by doing this? Maybe this action brings you relief in some way, and if so, would you say it's addictive? Something else to consider is, do you feel guilty after doing this? Self harm is often something done despite feelings of guilt as a consequence, which can create a vicious cycle. It's hard to know the nature of this action, but hopefully these examples have provided you with some insight. Take care.