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Whenever I get hurt by someone or something, I get extreme suicidal thoughts and self-harm thoughts It takes little for me to become this way, why is that?

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Last Updated: 07/10/2020 at 6:25am
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July 6th, 2020 6:07am
Perhaps it takes a little for you to go towards suicidal because you always reinforce it after you become hurt by someone. You might always look towards self harm because you're using it by now and you find it an effective way to not feel so hurt by the person that hurt you. I would say that if you do want to stop becoming suicidal and stop self-harm, you would have to find relief in a different method. However, that process might take a while, since it's often hard to walk away from self-harm and suicidal thoughts after being so used to the idea of it. I think you need to truly understand why you do those things, does it distract you from the pain? Or ask yourself if you believe that it's the only way to solve the situation. But I believe that the first step to anything is to have the will to stop self half and suicidal thoughts, and if you have that then I believe that you can come up with a solution that you are truly happy with.
July 10th, 2020 6:25am
Your thought process maybe this way as your mind is trying to find a way to come to a calm state. In your mind, it is the only thing it thinks it can do escape the situation. It's like a fight or flight in your mind to try to keep you safe from the world. I can relate to this as when I was younger I had the same issue with this and would become suicidal when I had big stressor come up. But with time and coping skills, you can work through it as well. For example, a small step is when your feeling this way is to listen to music so that reminds of you of the good times which removes you from that one bad spot.