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Why is it so hard to stop self harm? Wondering what is the hardest thing to battle or let go of?

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Last Updated: 10/19/2020 at 5:49pm
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October 19th, 2020 5:49pm
There can be many reasons a self harmer may find it hard to quit. Though typically it is caused by the fact that harm in such a way can become a person's only sense of control or a major coping mechanism. Playing such a large role so often makes it a very addictive habit. I can speak from my own experience and knowledge on it that it is very unique to the sufferer. But harm of all forms has similar roots. The addictive nature of it can make it hard to come out of... Often with harm we trap ourselves into a cycle of needing it.. Which is quite dangerous and troublesome when harmers want to quit. For some it is used to cope with pain, or to inflict pain they see they deserve... Whilst for others it may be the sight or sensation. It has many causes but its all due to lack of other coping or being trapped. The hardest thing to battle could easily be the almost impossible to avoid triggers or persistent urges as these often sabotage our progress. The security harm once provided us.. we still crave, that security is hard to let go of. But it is wholly possible. It just needs to be replaced :)