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How do I stop feeling guilty for sleeping so much?

12 Answers
Last Updated: 11/17/2020 at 9:19pm
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October 27th, 2015 10:19pm
You could allow yourself to sleep longer on set days e.g the weekend and get up at a normal time on the other days ? Remind yourself its okay to sleep and you need rest use the time you are awake productively and do things you enjoy If you want to talk it through further please connect to a listener 😊
April 12th, 2015 9:35pm
Get out of bed and take a 10 minute walk. Then do the same thing tomorrow. Once you've done that for a few days. make it 30 minutes. Make it 45. Make it 3 times a week. Exercise is magic.
July 7th, 2015 4:27pm
Your body needs sleep to survive. In order to be your best self, you need to be properly rested each and every day. Sleep when you need and also make sure to fulfill your other needs - put on a new change of clothes, take a walk outside, eat something nutritious, talk to someone you love. Life is about balance and getting enough sleep to where your body is satisfied is incredibly important.
December 14th, 2015 9:11pm
you just have to think that if you are sleeping then your body must need it to properly work (some people need more than the "average" amount of sleep) and you should never feel guilty or have to apologise for taking care of yourself but try not to let it interfere with your life duties
November 17th, 2020 9:19pm
You remind yourself that rest is needed for productivity. Once you are able to sleep comfortably without feeling guilty, you won’t sleep as much. Never put yourself down for rest. You have to always uplift every aspect about yourself even when you are tired and need rest. You can not let yourself feel guilty for a natural function and for your way of coping when feeling overwhelmed. Whenever I feel like I’m sleeping too much, I make note of it but I don’t beat myself up about it. I try to figure out what may be causing me to sleep in and I work from there.
May 18th, 2015 6:41am
Sleeping is a vital part of human life, and can be very beneficial to us. Over-sleeping can sometimes be caused by anxiety or depression, so it is important to consider this when deciding how to move forward with the issue.
February 27th, 2015 5:53am
If you're getting a healthy 8-10 hrs of sleep a night, then you're definitely doing it right! And if you're taking naps during the day, there's nothing wrong with that either. However, there -is- such a thing as sleeping too much. Consider speaking with doctor if you feel like you're sleeping too much throughout the day, or are experiencing chronic fatigue.
June 23rd, 2015 12:27pm
feeling guilty about sleeping so much is at some point good to have.stress about anything is good and alerts you open your eyes to actually see whats going on but also in severe stressful situations is one of the worst things to have.So,,to stop feeling guilty you actually have to cure the problem no its symptom(feeling guilty).Your best bet is to make a program for yourself listing the activities and hours,how you want to live your life.(in your current state not what you want to be).Start by taking little steps and do some exercise that will help you get friends support etc.If the problem youre dealing with is depression then another kind of solution is preferable like consulting a doctor.
July 7th, 2015 3:25am
Your body needs sleep, and if sleeping too much is something you are feeling guilty about, take a step back and see why you think you need the sleep. Have you been overextering yourself? Are you depressed? Figure out possible reasons to why you are finding yourself asleep so much and address it further from there. Don't be guilty for something your body is clearly asking you for.
February 6th, 2018 7:33am
Think about your sleeping in a different way, you aren’t wasting time, you’re doing what you need to for you’re health. You are doing what is necessary for your body to function. Everyone has different needs, some need to eat more, some need more physical activity, and you need more sleep!
February 12th, 2018 11:21am
Your body knows how much sleep it needs to function at its best. Listen to it. You can feel less guilty and maximise your productivity by sticking to a sleep schedule and go to bed and wake up earlier.
November 6th, 2018 3:14am
Sleeping is a basic need. And we all love to do that at the end of the day. I sometimes take snoozes or an afternoon nap too. Sleep is bliss which makes you forget every trouble. 8 hours a day is normal or a bit more if you feel unwell. There is nothing to feel guilty about it. However, if your sleep patterns are not normal, it can give rise to a lot of questions. Sleeping too much can indicate physical or mental distress. I think you should try to find out why you sleep a lot. Since i am just a listener, i can't give you proffessional advice. I suggest you seek professional help if it causes too much trouble for you. Proffessional aid can help you solve your problem!