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If sleeping is so easy, why can't I fall asleep and stay asleep?

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Last Updated: 02/16/2021 at 5:40am
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June 8th, 2015 5:05pm
Some people go to sleep as if it is a habit, for some it is harder. Some people need some tea to relax and some can simply just fall to sleep and be done with it. Just find your comfort zone.
January 23rd, 2015 2:51pm
Sleeping is certainly not very easy first of all! So you needn't feel like you're the odd one out for struggling. There are many factors that contribute to poor sleep, and one of the biggest ones is anxiety. I used to wake up around 3am every night and then struggle to go back to sleep. I would even dread going to sleep because I knew that I wasn't going to get a good night's rest and that my next day would go badly as a result. This dread made it even harder for me to relax! It can be a pretty ugly cycle. I had to re-examine my sleep hygiene (e.g. napping during the day) and address a few sleep myths (e.g. You must sleep for 8 hours or you won't be able to function during the day - this is false). Increasing your 'sleep efficiency' is also important: The more time you spend in bed asleep, the higher your sleep efficiency! It will be difficult but don't spend too much time in bed on your phone or reading before you sleep and get up as soon as you can when you wake up. If you need to get up at 7, try to head to bed at 12 midnight. If you still feel tired during the day, then you can steadily increase your sleep window and find the ideal balance for you ^_^
February 9th, 2015 2:18am
Our minds have a not-so-great tendency to wonder, kick into overdrive and not shut off when it's supposed to. This could be for a number of reasons: anxiety, over stimulation, caffeine, etc. Try reading before bed, stretching, doing yoga, praying/meditating, or focusing on your breath. This things won't come easy at first, but your mind is muscle too and it must be trained how to slow down and relax. :)
May 10th, 2015 8:05pm
I don't know who told you sleeping is easy but it's anything but. Our body does so many things while sleeping, e.g. we lose weight when we sleep properly. The perfect sleeping time is 7.5 hours. The reason you most likely can't fall and stay asleep is because too many things are going through your head. Have you tried meditating before you go to sleep? Also: In order to develop a steady sleep pattern it's wise a) not to go to bed too late and b) to go to bed at the same time every night.
November 23rd, 2015 1:58am
Your brain can go into overdrive. All the things you think of at night, you're too busy during the day
May 3rd, 2016 3:12am
Maybe why you cannot fall asleep is because you are too worried about the past or the future. Just stay focused, do one thing at a time.
August 16th, 2016 2:00pm
Maybe it's too hot or too cold in the room you are sleeping in? Or it's too quiet/loud.. I always have to sleep with the tv on because it's too quiet and I can't sleep when it's quite.
September 20th, 2016 3:27pm
The inability to fall or stay asleep may be the result of an emotional stressor in your life. Identifying and working through such problems would prove helpful in improving your sleep
October 4th, 2016 7:41pm
Sleeping is far from easy... except for those who have it as a talent. We are individuals in this matter too.
May 1st, 2017 2:23pm
Sleeping isn't necessarily easy! Your nightly and morning routines play a big part. Be mindful of your diet and limit caffeine to earlier in the day. Exercise daily Turn off electronic devices about an hour before your bedtime. Do something relaxing before bed. Maintaining a consistent bedtime and waketime throughout the week and weekend will help your body get back into the proper cycle.
February 13th, 2018 6:39pm
Maybe you have to many thoughts keeping you awake. If I were you I'd try some meditation or mindful breathing exercises to clear your mind and relax. Reading a good book and staying away from electronic devices before sleeping also usually helps.
February 16th, 2021 5:40am
That is the question that a lot of people are wanting to know and wish it was easier to do than it is to say. Some people struggle with falling asleep due too stressful situation in life, not limiting your screen time and exposure to blue light before you sleep, due to painful positioning for comfort. Or you can get to sleep but unfortunately not able to sleep for a long period of time. This could be distributed by many factors such as snoring of a loud volume either by yourself or your partner, having vivid dreams caused by waking up feeling anxious, unable to feel relaxed enough to sleep long. Light sleeper and smallest noise will wake you. Or could it could be W medical reason. If you have concerns about your sleep contact your doctor and discuss this situation with them and get medical advice