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Why do I wake up not being able to move except for blinking?

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Last Updated: 06/25/2018 at 6:40pm
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March 10th, 2015 10:24pm
It is possible that you are suffering from Sleep Paralysis. "It occurs when a person passes between stages of wakefulness and sleep. During these transitions, you may be unable to move or speak for a few seconds up to a few minutes." "Sleep researchers conclude that, in most cases, sleep paralysis is simply a sign that your body is not moving smoothly through the stages of sleep. Rarely is sleep paralysis linked to deep underlying psychiatric problems." Overall, you should consult a physician if it continues to be a problem.
March 11th, 2015 4:21am
It sounds like sleep paralysis, however I'm not a doctor. The best thing to do would be to talk to your doctor about what's going on and they can help figure out a solution that works
April 21st, 2015 11:51pm
It should be the thing thats you are not motivated enough in doing a daily routine but that's a common thing.You should try to enjoy the fact thats it is morning and it could be a great day.You shouldn't fear a new begining because after all, that's what every morning is.
June 8th, 2015 4:51pm
I believe this is something called sleep paralysis. I believe many studies have revealed that stress can be a main cause to such episodes, also sleeping on your back can cause things like this as well, for not entirely known reasons.
October 25th, 2015 5:37am
I don't know, there could be many reasons that this is happening to you, you should try talking to someone about it. You can talk to any of us here at 7cups, my personal link is:
November 10th, 2015 7:10pm
This is called sleep paralysis. I would highly reccommend that you see a physician as this is a treatable condition.
December 22nd, 2015 5:39am
Im not sure, maybe you should see a physician or someone who can possibly find out whats causing your issue.
January 16th, 2018 10:14pm
It sounds like you may be experiencing sleep paralysis, which is where you are conscious but temporarily unable to move or speak. This can happen either when waking up or when falling asleep. It is not harmful but can be very frightening so if you're really worried about it then you may want to see a doctor.
June 25th, 2018 6:40pm
This is a rare phenomenon known as Sleep Paralysis in which you wake up during R.E.M. Sleep. The stage of sleep where muscle movements are constricted by hormones to prevent self-harm during dreams. With the exception of the eyes of course. Often times people will wake during the period of sleep for various reasons. They can often witness hallucinations both visually, auditorially and tactically. But they are no to be feared as they are simply creations of the mind.