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God put me here to do good deeds. Why can't I help other people?

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Last Updated: 04/07/2020 at 8:52am
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Stacy Overton, PhD.


I am an enthusiastic life-long learner and also a professor of counseling. I have a passion for peoples stories and helping to guide and empower the human spirit.

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March 19th, 2019 8:08pm
One of the thoughts that occur to me is that you might be struggling with something like depression or social anxiety etc. If that's the case everything might feel too difficult and it could be more practical to first get help for whatever you are struggling with before you try to help other people. But I also believe that good deeds can take many forms. I don't know why you feel that you can't help other people, but that's okay. Maybe you feel uncomfortable in a face to face situation. Then you can help someone online like here on 7 Cups. Or maybe you just feel overwhelmed by people. That's okay too. Maybe your good deeds can be with animals. Maybe your good deeds can be with nature. I even believe that if we take good care of ourselves, that's a good deed too, because in bettering ourselves we are bettering the world. Maybe you can expand your definition or idea of what a good deed is. For myself I've learned that certain situations are just too difficult for me to do a good deed in. So, I made it very specific and found situations that are safe for me to do something good. For example, I often feel overwhelmed when people start talking about their problems, but I like to help in some way. So, I've started to write down privately all sorts of things I know and have experienced and believe can help others and I'm spreading that in ways that don't make me feel overwhelmed. With animals I am very sensitive to their suffering, but I'd like to help. So, I had to realize that I won't be able to help in a place like an animal shelter by actually interacting with the animals. But what I can do is to make financial donations to help the shelter continue its good work. And for myself, I try to take good care of myself, I try to manage my own well-being, because that does actually help other people. If I am in a good space I bring good vibes to them instead of causing them worry or being angry and aggressive because I'm not doing well. If everyone took the time to work on themselves and take good care of themselves, just think of how much better the world would be. So, please don't feel that you can't do good deeds just because you can't help people. There are many many kinds of good deeds. I'm sure God will be delighted if you find those areas that you are comfortable with where you can do your good deeds. He made you knowing all along that you are made for specific good deeds in specific situations that feels natural and right to you. There are many people who can help other people. You don't have to do that specific good deed. Find the good deeds God created you for. You will know them by how right they feel to you.
April 7th, 2020 8:52am
I think maybe you have personal issues you are dealing with that makes it more harder for you to help others. It could not be your fault thou, maybe it is due to your parents raising you or the people around you in the community. I think you should identify the starting problem and work through to correct the way you are feeling. Along it's fine if you can't help others, sometimes it's not possible to help everyone because that would be impossible. You can't make everyone happy, this is something I also struggle with thinking about. :( Wish you the best