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What are some tips on how to be more focused?

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Last Updated: 04/13/2021 at 5:45am
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April 13th, 2021 5:45am
[1.] Remove any potential visible distractions in your environment. For example, put your phone out of sight and on vibrate, since phone notifications can distract your attention, or accidentally looking at your phone makes you want to open it for no reason. If you are doing work on your computer/laptop, do not open anything irrelevant such as social media or news sites. You can listen to white or brown noise to reduce the likelihood of sounds distracting you. [2] Sleep well. It is harder to focus if you did not sleep well. [3] Create a dedicated area just to perform your desired task. For example, if you have trouble focusing when studying, have a area dedicated purely for studying. Do not do anything else other than studying like opening up your phone, browsing social media, etc. [4] Use the Pomodoro technique. Put a timer on, and only do that specific task while the timer is running, and nothing else. You can put a timer on for 25 minutes, or however long until you just start to lose focus. When the timer rings, reward yourself by doing something you enjoy for a couple of minutes or longer. Rinse and repeat. Rewarding yourself after a session of work motivates you to want to do the same task again, making focusing easier. [5] Mindfulness meditation. We can get distracted by our own thoughts. Mindfulness meditation improves our ability to realise when we are lost in thought, and return our attention back to our task.
September 24th, 2018 6:54am
So, here are twelve top tips on how to focus more efficiently, remain focused on the daily to-do list, and get through those tasks much quicker while still ensuring great quality. t’s hard to focus all the time and to try and make sure that every minute of every day is entirely focused and full of productivity is impossible. Chances are you’re going to procrastinate at some point – we all love a great article, a fantastic new song, or a singing cat video, after all. Just factor in the fact that you’re going to procrastinate and you’ll be much more realistic about accomplishing your goals.