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What does dysphoria feel like?

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Last Updated: 02/10/2020 at 5:35pm
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February 10th, 2020 5:35pm
Dysphoria feels different to different people. The basic premise is that you don’t feel comfortable in your own body. It can be to varying levels, ranging from a mild discomfort at how you look to full-blown, trans-level dysphoria in which you feel your body betrays you and that it doesn’t belong, that you were born into the wrong body. My experiences with gender dysphoria range quite a bit. At the lower end, we have my current state, which is pretty much a mild dislike of my body because of its high femininity, but I don’t feel the need to change it because I know I can disguise it. At the high end, we have trans-level dysphoria in which everytime I heard my name or feminine pronouns for me, it hurt me and made me cringe. Looking in the mirror was so painful and I wanted everything to be different- I wanted the body of a male after about an hour of extreme dysphoria. It was probably the worst thing I’ve ever experienced and I quickly chose a new name and pronouns. However, as I said above, gender dysphoria is a range and we all feel it differently, if we feel it at all.