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I mostly have cravings in the evenings. How do I deal with that?

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Last Updated: 05/01/2019 at 1:09pm
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May 1st, 2019 1:09pm
Your body is probably telling you that you are sleepy or that you are missing company from someone. You could try to press lemon in a bowl of water and drink. Or eat red grapefruit. Citrus removes much of the sweet tooth. As for cravings of fatty and salty food try to just put 1/4 of a teaspoon salt or bicarbonate on your tongue. Keep it there and swallow slowly. The goal is to keep it for many minutes, like 5-15 minutes. And drink water of course! I would also try to lit incense sticks that doesn't smell sweet in any way. A sallad, a kiwi or an egg in the evening for keeping me full and making me feel sleepy.