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Should I go to the hospital for unhealthy eating habits?

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Last Updated: 02/19/2022 at 7:44pm
Should I go to the hospital for unhealthy eating habits?
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March 13th, 2020 9:57am
No. Hospital is for diseases.You can do it yourself. Please stop wasting the public health money for minor issues. It's not a crisis. Make small changes yourself in sure you're more than capable of go see a dietician. It's not a doctor's problem. They deal with illnesses and there are plenty of self help resources out there. The internet is a massive tool at your fingertips that you can utilise and obviously and you can make it into something you enjoy. Bad eating habits is like feeding a dog or a cat horse food - find your meal pack and stick to it. Otherwise you'll be a toddler high on sugar.
March 28th, 2020 9:57pm
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Especially during this pandemic we are in right now! Hospital emergency rooms should be reserve for people who are very sick and need immediate attention. In addition to this, going to the hospital right now for something that is not an urgent problem could expose you to the corona virus or worse, you could be a carrier and infect a sick person there who is weakened! We don't want that do we?? The best place for you to discuss your eating habits with is your doctor or a dietitian or other trusted medical profession . There are many good websites out there on healthy eating that are free. Please keep our hospital emergency rooms free for patients who really need them!
April 1st, 2020 2:56am
It depends on what the habit is and the severity of it! I would say if you are questioning any of your eating habits they are probably unhealthy and you should reach out to a health care professional or the national eating disorders association (NEDA) and see what the next steps are for you. The hospital isn't an optimal place to be treated for an eating disorder or even disordered eating as its goal is to stabilize you rather than focusing on the mental health aspect. But if you are feeling in any way sick, like you are going to hurt yourself etc then yes go!
April 11th, 2020 6:58pm
Go to your general physician first. If you need to be hospitalized they will refer you. Right now it’s not really a good idea to go to a hospital! You might put yourself at risk of getting ill. Specially that disordered Eating weakens the body. For now remember to take multivitamins regularly and do your best to learn as much as possible about unhealthy eating habits and how to overcome them. Also I wonder if you mean an eating disorder by unhealthy eating habits. Does it make you feel sick? Are you feeling pain? Do you feel emotionally unstable? Is your health in danger?
April 26th, 2020 4:09am
No. Most likely the hospital will not deem your condition serious enough to admit or do much for you. You would get much better care by making an urgent appointment with your doctor and being open and honest about the situation. Your doctor knows your history, and can also refer you to other specialists, if necessary, so you can get the care you need. They can help you through the process, whereas the hospital wouldn't really follow up with you at all, and that's assuming they admit you to begin with, which is unlikely. In summary, see your own doctor and let him/her know what is going on, no matter how embarrassed, ashamed, scared you may be.
May 1st, 2020 2:31am
No, not really! If you can connect to good dietician who will guide you with a good diet chart, and if you can stay in regular check with your physician, you can easily gain a control over your own self. But yes, you gotta work hard and dedicately to achieve your goal, remember when you reach a goal that is the time when you should set bigger gals. Also, if your physician says then in that case maybe you need to go to hospital, but only when he suggests you to do so. Do not force yourself for something you are not ready to! Love and Regards, Stay safe!
June 24th, 2020 1:01am
if you feel as though you are not in control of your habits or you cannot reply on anyone to help you with this, try seeking professional help whether from a hospital, therapist, or any other medical professional. it’s also best to keep legal guardians in the loop so that they can help you out as well. feeling out of control relating to your eating habits can feel very overwhelming and lonely. however, you are never alone and are always loved and supported. stay in touch with friends and family often, to validate these points. you are so special and amazing and i hope you find yourself and the help you feel is necessary.
June 25th, 2020 3:40pm
Depends . I mean if you are eating a little to much junk food this is ok you do not need a doctor for that. But if you are craving yourself or make your self vomit and that makes you feel horrible it would be good to see a doctor.But also if you want to change your eating habits for example eat healthier , less carbs you can see a specialist for that. Just be comfortable about yourself you can fix it if you want to.dO NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT WHO YOU ARE İT İS OK TO FEEL BAD sometimes
August 2nd, 2020 8:27pm
yes, if you are feeling that you are now not able to control your eating habits and are having any kind of problem then you should go to the doctor as son as possible. cause doctors are here to help and they are the ones who can give you the best advise which you know the internet can not give . and, the important thing is that you should not ignore problems regarding eating habits cause food is the fuel to our body and not taking it regularly or completely can lead to major problems, which i think nobody wants.
August 9th, 2020 6:08am
Yes. This can be a very scary step for some people but will be very beneficial and is necessary. Receiving help for unhealthy eating habits is not something to be ashamed of! A hospital is a safe place that can provide you with the help you need to turn your unhealthy eating habits into healthy ones. Hospitals can also provide you with resources to things like therapy that will also be beneficial. No issue that one may be struggling with is minuscule and should not belittled. Do not be afraid to reach out and get the help you need and deserve.
August 9th, 2020 2:10pm
Unhealthy eating habits can have such a strain on your body and happiness. When you realize that these habits may be affecting your quality of life it's important to seek out help. If you find yourself in immediate danger, emergency medical help is necessary. Therapy is also highly beneficial, as well. Admitting your struggles and asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength, determination and bravery which should be admired. Nutrition and eating habits are often overlooked in our society, but are one of the most important ways to take care of yourself for a healthy and happy future.
August 28th, 2020 3:55pm
Having healthy, moderate eating habits are the basis of our bodies day to day functionality! if you feel that your eating habits are intrusive and unhealthy I think it would help immensely to reach out to a licensed professional whether it be a therapist, or in the hospital. Sometimes the habits we developed over the years don't necessarily honor our bodies. Whatever you struggle with, just know that there is help and hope. You're never alone and as listeners we would love to talk about it if you need it. It's the honor of my life to be able to talk to people about things that they may struggle with and refer them to resources that may be able to help their quality of life immensely.
November 14th, 2020 4:09am
You should always go to the hospital if you are in danger of hurting yourself. If you are no longer able to eat healthily and are experiencing physical symptoms, it may be a good idea to begin looking for help. If it is not an emergency, consider meeting with a therapist or psychiatrist instead: if you are in no danger to yourself, there is nothing really the hospital can do. You know your situation better than anyone else: if you need immediate medical care, there is no shame in going to the hospital and getting the help you need.
November 20th, 2020 9:14am
Yes. In my own experience, it has helped me create a plan that suits my body and identify the source issues from which the habits formed. I was unable to overcome the issue on my own and found professionals that were better suited to help me navigate physical health. They were also able to refer me to other professionals that could help me tackle other parts of the root problem attributed to my unhealthy habits. It made me feel liberated to voice these concerns. I feel way more adept to finding new ways to sustain more healthy eating habits.
November 28th, 2020 5:17am
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January 3rd, 2021 1:08pm
Unhealthy eating habits can have different consequences in your body depending on which eating habit and how long you have been practicing it. It would be advisable that you seek professional medical help to help you cope and solve you unhealthy eating habit and also to make sure the rest of your health is on check. Lack of energy, anemia, skin problems, heart complications and others are some of the common secondary effects of a bad diet (eating too much, eating too little, eating only processed or junk food). Doctors are here to help us and can advise you on how to get over this problem you are facing. Best of luck!
February 17th, 2021 7:58pm
Not all unhealthy eating habits warrant going to a hospital, however, if your unhealthy eating habits are persistent, are causing significant distress, or have a significant negative impact on your daily life, it may be time to seek the help or advice of a professional in the field. This may mean visiting a hospital, but it could also mean seeing a doctor in an outpatient setting, or having regular visits with a counselor or nutritionist. What you do to address the issue depends on the severity of the issue and what you and your healthcare provider decide is the best option for you.
March 6th, 2021 10:27pm
I think talking to a professional about this would be the best way to go, They can give you proper medical advice and help you find the help you need. I can refer you to the amaizng therapists that we have here at 7 cups. They are trained to asses these types of situations and give you the best possible care that you truly deserve. Here at 7 cups I am a listener and can not give you the answer to that question because I am not a trained professional but if you seek help with our therapists you will find help.
April 2nd, 2021 4:57pm
Unhealthy eating habits are not something to take lightly. They can drastically impact your physical and mental health currently, as well as in the future. If you are aware of your own unhealthy eating habits, and have been unable to break those habits, it could be a good idea to see a doctor about it. It is important to be as honest and straight forward about what you are experiencing with any professional you choose to see, so they can do what is best to help you overcome your habit. It is difficult to acknowledge you have unhealthy eating habits, so the fact that you are aware of the dangers of them, and are open to the idea of asking for help is an amazing first step!
June 4th, 2021 1:09am
Do you personally feel like your unhealthy eating habits pose some major risk to you? Do others around feel this way as well? There is a major difference between feeling and knowing so if you know your body is under major stress due to your unhealthy eating habits, it is up to you to use your best judgment to decide on what to do. Unhealthy eating habits can be dangerous and no one, including myself, would want you to be exposed to any harm. If you would like, I can refer you to more professional resources to help you decide and get through these difficult times.
July 28th, 2021 12:52am
My suggestion for unhealthy eating habits would first be to talk to your Family Doctor if you have one. They can and will recommend a dietician or someone that deals with eating disorders. Going to the hospital you will not get the care that you need to deal with this issue. Only unless you are having serious issues from unhealthy eating. A Doctor who can examine you and get to know you and follow up with you would be the best starting place. Also, you could go to your library or online and Goggle "Unhealthy Eating or Healthy eating practices. Sometimes we can change the way we eat and begin to find foods that are better for us. If this unhealthy eating has got out of your control yes seek help.
August 8th, 2021 7:57am
It all depends on what the unhealthy eating habit is. If you are truly worried about it, then I would. If you are gaining or losing weight rapidly as well then that is another major sign that you should probably see a doctor about it, especially before it gets way out of hand. It also all depends on what the unhealthy eating habit is. This term is very vague and can cover a load of different eating habits. I guess my biggest piece of advice like I stated is if your worried about it, then take the steps to find the proper help. Even if that includes going to the hospital.
August 12th, 2021 3:41pm
If you feel like you are not eating well and you're not getting the proper nutrients your body needs. It's important to keep our body healthy and feeding our body nutrients. That way we can function properly. Because without the proper food we won't be able to have the energy to get up and do our daily living activities. This can include working out, making breakfast, going grocery shopping, or even getting up from bed. Our body gets weak without food. And you feel weak, no energy, and it can get to the point where you need to go to the ER. Rather than going to when you feel like there's a problem than you can get it fixed before it gets even worse. Having the mentality to go to the hospital because you have unhealthy eating habits is a good start. Because you want the help and no one is telling you to go.
September 12th, 2021 7:38pm
Talk to your GP or family doctor if you’re struggling. They can give advice on how to keep healthy eating habits without having a toll on your mental health. Be aware that you should also talk to your GP before going through some diets which can be very demanding on your body. GPS can also help giving advice on eating less or healthier. Some unhealthy eating habits can also relate to a disorder or an illness, so if you have any suspicions the best thing to do is to go get help. There are many online educational websites that can help with eating healthier but again be careful with which ones can be harmful to you.
November 12th, 2021 11:19am
If you can find a professional like a dietician or someone who you feel comfortable and can work with and can guide and help you to reach your goals, then maybe you could give it a try, but the choice lies with you, you should do what you feel is the best option for you. Since we don't know what you are personally going through. If you do decide to go to the hospital the most important thing would probably be to find a professional who understands and empathises with your situation and wants what's best for you and make sure you have a support system in place too!
December 19th, 2021 11:30pm
If you think that would help you, go for it. Sometimes we feel our problems are so overwhelming we can't go through them on our own so we reach out for help. This is fine if this is how you feel. However, if you feel your problem is under control, maybe you can manage it without the need to go to the hospital. Recognising that you have unhealthy eating habits is a good first step towards the solution. Also, having unhealthy eating habits, in most cases, is not an illness but as you say, a bad habit. Managing bad habits can be done successfully with good planning, reflecting on the bad habits and identifying its triggers, and a positive attitude towards changing them. Not only would you change your unhealthy eating habits, but you would also gain the amazing feeling of victory and success, that you took the lead in changing your life to better, and earning all the rewards of your perseverance.
February 18th, 2022 6:22pm
If you believe you are experiencing an eating disorder you may want to consider going to a hospital to get the correct treatment. However, if you think you are just experiencing unhealthy habits, maybe you could try reading books or listening to podcasts about healthy eating and having a good relationship with food. I used to struggle with food and it really put a damper on my mental health. I found when I learned about balance I became a lot happier and ended up loving eating and cooking for myself. I also found that having a cooking partner makes eating and cooking really fun. For me this person is my mom, and we always put on some fun music and then cook together.
February 19th, 2022 7:44pm
This is a really good question! I think this depends on the duration and the level of seriousness of your unhealthy eating habits. For example, if these behaviors were just around for a few days, maybe you can take a pause and self-reflect on the reasons behind your habits. However, if they were around for over a few weeks or even months, it is better for you to go to the hospital and make sure that your body is still functioning properly. For me personally, I was having very bad eating habits for many months three years ago. At first, I didn't realize the severity of these habits because I was trying to lose weight as much and quickly as possible. Then, after I was forced to go to the hospital and go through a series of examinations, I realized how much damage my unhealthy eating habits have caused to my body. My vital signs were low, and I looked severely underweight. Because of my health issues, I was hospitalized for two months in an eating disorder center. In the hospital, I started changing my unhealthy eating habits and challenging my distorted thoughts around food. Right now, I am mostly recovered from my unhealthy habits, and I am really glad that I made the decision to go to the hospital in the first place. Everyone has unhealthy eating habits, but it is important to go to the hospital and seek help early before things have gone too far.