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Will I get a lot of hair around my vag during puberty? I just started and only have a little bit. My dad has been the only person I can go to for girl prob

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Last Updated: 01/01/2019 at 7:25am
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- Expert in Women's Issues
December 23rd, 2018 4:27am
Simply put, every girl is different! :) Its understandable to have questions about puberty, and I know sometimes when we don't have a older female figure available or that we trust enough to ask it can feel uncomfortable or we may not know who to turn to. I promise thankfully there are lots of other girls going through the same changes that may just have the same questions! Not to mention all the wonderful resources out there. Best of luck and remember, your never alone
December 29th, 2018 4:42pm
You probably will yes. It might seem weird at first but It's so gradual that It's not some big change overnight. Don't be afraid to talk to your dad about things even if you think it might be awkward. Even if he doesn't know something I'm sure he would be very willing to find someone who does. Dads can be a little shy and not as open at times but really all they want to do it make sure your safe happy and loved. I wish you luck and hope that you have and amazing day, see you later
December 30th, 2018 4:44am
Yes- it is completely normal and expected. If you just began puberty, you should expect much more as time goes by and more stuff progresses. If you just began puberty, I don't know if you have started your period but once your period starts you should definitely have more grow in and grow more broadly/spread out. Armpit hair comes quicker and sooner in my opinion, which is usually when you warn yo start shaving your armpits. I actually know of someone who plucked her armpit hair instead of shaving it, which made it grow back much slower and spread MUCH less! Most shave it, though.
January 1st, 2019 7:25am
In response to the increasing levels of androgens in the body as puberty begins, the skin of the genital area begins to produce pubic hair. For most girls, the pubic hair first appears along the edges of the labia majora and spreads over the mons during the next two years. By about the time of the first menstrual cycle, the “pubic triangle” (the area in front of a woman’s pelvic region and below her belly button) is densely filled with hair. Within another two years, the pubic hair can also begin to grow near the top of the thighs. Sometimes a small amount of hair forms a line up to the belly button. The amount of hair varies from person to person. The characteristics of pubic hair also differ among people. On some, the hair is thick and coarse while on others it may be sparse or very fine. The color of pubic hair also varies; both pubic hair and armpit hair can differ in color from the hair of the scalp.
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