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How do you bounce back when you're burnt out from constant overload?

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Last Updated: 06/09/2020 at 7:15pm
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June 9th, 2015 10:52pm
First of all, if you're burned out, you should consider taking some time off from work, or whatever it is that is overwhelming you. When you return, you should feel refreshed.
February 9th, 2016 10:18pm
Take a little time for yourself ,take your mind out of work, maybe an hour , maybe a day , whatever works with you best . You can bounce back when you are refreshed and it will help your concentration.
February 13th, 2015 9:24pm
Return to the things that you really enjoy! Treat yourself to a lie in every once in a while and clear some space where you can sit in quiet and relax. Try guided meditation or relaxing music too.
May 5th, 2015 6:25am
A lot of rest and self-love. There's no easy way to simply bounce back. It's a process of healing that takes time.
June 29th, 2015 4:07am
The best thing to do is to find something that you enjoy doing, this way you relax your mind and replenish yourself
July 6th, 2015 10:54pm
Going outside and doing some sort of fun activity. Be it walking in a forest or playing a game with friends. :)
July 7th, 2015 1:28am
I like to think of this as a mental 'reset' button of sorts... I check out for a little bit. Sometimes its a day or two, sometimes only a minute or two, but I make time for myself to reset and recharge. I go for a run, I read a page or two in a book, I cook a new recipe, whatever works for that moment. These little mental-health moments to myself are priceless and sometimes all I get in my busy schedule.
January 11th, 2016 11:15pm
There is a wild trend factor in being stressed out in today's society. When you've absolutely done all you can do and your drained from the workload, TAKE A BREAK! Nap, read, workout, go out with friends. Do something that pleases you and relaxes your body and mind. Rest is the best way to rejuvenate.
November 1st, 2016 2:30am
For me it helps to always remember the end goal. Always remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing, and how everyone is proud of you. Perhaps calling home, if that is a viable option, will help remind you why you are working so hard. I work hard to make my family proud, and that drives me to better myself and keep working. I wish you the best in your future endeavors.
June 6th, 2017 4:25pm
Start with self care: breathing exercises to bring a moment of calm, and then small comforts to restore your balance. That could be a nice cup of tea, or a hot bath, or an hour curled up with a favorite book or movie. (It could be going to a rave, but that's rarely how people recover from having low energy!) Once you've re-centered yourself, look for ways to adjust whatever's causing the overload - reduce your schedule, or cut off contact with someone who's stressing you out. If you can't reduce the load, look for ways to put "recharge" habits into your day or week.
June 12th, 2017 12:11am
It`s important to look after yourself when you`re feeling burnt out. Identify the source of why you are feeling burnt out, and possibly try and decrease your workload if possible, or seek support from a colleague or family member. Your health is more important than your work, put yourself first. Making a plan of your workload can help, and starting your day right can help you feel more productive and motivated! Eat well, exercise a little, stay hydrated and get a good nights sleep!
November 13th, 2017 2:09am
I make sure i take time out for myself and go for a walk, or get a massage or visit the beach with my dog.
March 5th, 2019 2:07pm
By spending time just for yourself. It can be just anything. Going for a walk, a hair cut, shopping, exercise, surfing the net, talk with a friend. Anything which you and only you would want to do, to feel good. On a daily basis, you can allot a "my time" period. A time period of say half to one hour doing whatever you like and which will make you feel fresh. Another thing is to distribute the workload. At work, you can share some of your less tasks with someone else, and concentrate on your core areas of expertise. At home, you need to ask your loved one, sibling to help out. Sitting down to have a chat on how much you feel overloaded helps :)
June 9th, 2020 7:15pm
I always think what makes me happy. A simple to remember like waking up with a smile while watching sunrise. This will lighten the situation. Plus, if you are a coffee lover, Try to sip too! Another thing is when you say Good Day to friends or I love you to your loved ones. This will help you and others to bring a positivity on your busy schedules. Sometimes, listening to music or watching your favorite movie will be a help when you are alone. Remember, don't listen to sad music or watch drama. It may give different solution. ;-)