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How to I tell my boss I am unhappy with the way he treats me?

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Last Updated: 01/01/2019 at 5:57pm
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September 27th, 2015 2:07am
This can be tough. And there is no one answer fits all, however it seems you should attempt to try to be honest with him about your feelings. Its the only way he will know how you are feeling and where you are coming from. Perhaps try to schedule a meeting with him to set up an opportunity to get him one on one where you have the time to talk.
November 25th, 2015 11:15pm
Can you tell me more about how your boss is treating you that makes you unhappy? With more information, we can come up with a plan together.
January 25th, 2016 10:47pm
Go to human resources, ask for advice. If they suggest that then do it. If he ignores it. Tell HR...
February 14th, 2015 7:35pm
Don't do it in a passive aggressive way. Find a time when they aren't busy and try to explain exactly why you are unhappy about the situation. If you explain exactly where you are coming from, they should automatically see it from your eyes and understand.
April 12th, 2015 7:10am
Respect and greet him with an upset mood when your boss mood is good. Rest he will take care.........
June 15th, 2015 8:55pm
You are the expert on you and your situation with your boss. That said, I would personally take time, if possible to make a list of possible options to talk to your boos about this, and weigh the pros and cons of each. Personally, I might ask for the support of a trusted friend and/or family member as well.
June 26th, 2018 12:44pm
You just need to talk with him, another way write him an email, maybe it's easier to put your minds set
January 1st, 2019 5:57pm
First of all, do it in writing. Write out the reason(s) you are unhappy with his treatment of you, and illustrate each reason with at least one example, preferably one that is recent. It isn't enough to tell him that you are unhappy, though. You must also make it clear that the email isn't just a litany of what he may see as complaints by telling him that you will expect him to schedule a meeting with you within "x" days to further discuss the concerns you have brought up in this email. If he does not comply with your request to schedule a meeting within the time specified, send him a reminder email. If he ignores that, then take copies of your emails to your Human Resources department and file a formal complaint.