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Should I stay at a job that I hate?

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Last Updated: 03/17/2021 at 6:50am
Should I stay at a job that I hate?
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May 26th, 2017 6:42pm
There might be two ways to cope with a job you hate. Or more. But two main ones as I see it. 1. Find a better job and leave. 2, Stay and learn to love it Both require tolerating your circumstances for a shorter or longer time. #1 requires a lot of research in what you want to do, maybe building new skills, or maybe just applying to new positions. #2 requires more of inner work, learning to find things to love, even when at first it seems that there are none. it might be quite an interesting discovery of yourself and ways to adjust to complex situations. it all depends on many factors. there is no right or wrong, and no one can really tell you whether you should stay or leave. it is something you decide for yourself.
June 4th, 2017 11:07pm
Entire career books have been written for that question. It's scary to consider leaving a job, even if you don't like it. And you may not have the financial option to leave. If someone at the job is actively abusive to you, or the job is dangerous to your health, especially in ways that are illegal, you should strongly consider leaving, especially if you have the resources to do so safely. If, however, you just hate the work or don't get along with your coworkers or your boss seems to "have it in for you," it's less obvious what you should do. Are there parts of the job you like? Can you focus on how you like those, and spend less of your personal energy on the other parts, even if they take up more of your day? Can you put a limit on your job - "I will work until X happens, and then leave," whether X is getting a promotion or finding a new job? Are there things you could change, that would make the job less unpleasant? If there aren't, what things that are outside of your power could make you ok with the job? If the job doesn't change, in three years, would you be more likely to be kicking yourself for staying, or for leaving, and walking away from whatever income and opportunities it currently has? The answer may not bring you a definitive "yes I should stay" or "I should leave tomorrow," but it may help you sort out what to consider while you decide.
June 8th, 2017 11:55am
In my experience, I would say no, simply because any amount of money is not worth being unhappy. To me, I would much rather adore my job and make a little less money than another job.
June 28th, 2017 4:07am
Yes and no. Try looking for better jobs while still working the hated job. Also, try to make time for other things in your life that you do enjoy, such as volunteering, education, or hobbies. Perhaps there is a perfect job out there that you will love, going out and doing these fun, productive activities may help you find it. Improve yourself and expand your social network to help find that perfect job in the future. In the meantime, remember, not everyone loves their job. It's ok to hate your job. Make the rest of your life fulfilling and your job won't matter so much.
July 7th, 2017 2:05am
No, life is way to short. Start looking for other jobs. If you're really unhappy, I'm sure you can find something else.
July 21st, 2017 6:56am
Many people feel compelled to remain at jobs that they despise because money is needed to pay bills. The problem becomes when people end up remaining at the job they hate, feeling like the idea of moving to a fulfilling job is beyond their reach. I think it's very important to enjoy the vocation or job that you choose to do. When you enjoy your job or business, you put your energy and passion into it and do it well.
July 26th, 2017 5:23pm
I am a great fan of lists. Making a list of what you love and hate about a job can help identify what kind of jobs you might like to try. It is not always possible to take time out from working, money is needed to live, so making the most of opportunities offered for personal and professional development in your job can help you gain the skills needed to move to something you would like to try. If there is something particular you find in your list that is making you hate your job, what is it and why does it make you feel that way? Is it possible to address that issue within your job? Is it a person or a characteristic of the job? Is it the commute? Is there anything you feel you could do to help improve the job you are in while you look for another? Have you considered taking a free online course, for example on Coursera or similar platforms- they can help you explore new domains in your free time to see what you enjoy.
August 2nd, 2017 3:35pm
Depends! How much do you need the job? How hard is it to get another? Is it something which could conceivably get better? Many people find it helpful to make lists of upsides and downsides when considering a change. Good luck to you!
August 7th, 2017 12:46pm
The quick answerve is no. The insightful answer would be to understand why you dislike the current role and start making different decisions daily to improve your reality.
August 16th, 2017 8:03am
Job satisfaction is a necessity for most people. Aside from family or romantic relationships, it is a very high stress inducer. You have to determine what you can live with and how to stay healthy. If your hatred of your job jeopardizes your physical or mental health, you should quit whe you have other options available.
September 1st, 2017 10:33am
Nope, there is plenty of opportunities out there, it's totally fine to switch job, especially the one you hate. It's never too late to change something in your life
September 20th, 2017 3:28am
Should you? That question, in my humble opinion, is best answered from inside yourself. In my experiences, the only one who is able to decide if your current job, career, or vocation is something you see yourself doing in the future is yourself. Consider the financial, as well as social repercussions. If a job sucks and you need to save face as well as need the money... I would suggest keeping the job temporaily. If you have better options, perhaps utilize them. Nonetheless, look at the bigger picture. Is this job detrimental to your health, as well as well being? Yes/No gives you your own answer. I don't think that there is anyone out there able to answer such a question other than yourself. Do what you feel is correct, and justifiable.
October 11th, 2017 4:09pm
Definitely not, not unless there is absolutely no back-up plan. A job should make you happy but should also be realistic, and achievable. It should also suit your ability and make you happy. If you are doing a job you hate, take some part time off, and use it to study - or work towards the job you Really want to do, if you cannot transition straight away.
November 10th, 2017 4:44pm
I believe it depends on what it is you hate about the job. Then it's about figuring out if it's something that needs to change internally with you, something that needs to be addressed at the job and changed there, or if you must leave the job altogether because it is a toxic environment. One important thing to think about is if this is a pattern with jobs. You don't want to leave one job and then run into the same issue at another job. It may be that you need to increase your ability to be assertive or do an internal search to find a job that is actually satisfying your core needs. So, it all depends on you and your individual situation. Feel free to send me a message if you are in such a situation.
November 17th, 2017 3:58am
It is up to you. If you are unhappy you may want to consider trying to talk to a boss before you try to quit. Maybe they can fix something. But don't feel obligated to stay at a job to please people. Being happy comes first in my book.
November 24th, 2017 1:52am
It depends whether you really need the job to survive or not. If you have difficulty getting a shelter, then you should stay with the job. When you have time, seek for alternative jobs. If you have no problem to survive without the job for some time, it's good to change the job. Men only live once, it's not valuable to give all of yourself to something you dislike.
November 30th, 2017 1:52pm
Staying in a job you hate can impact you negatively. If you have the opportunity to the leave the job for something you like more I would say go ahead and do it. If not, I would try to ride it out until your able to do that, especially if it would affect your majorly financially by not having a job. Remember, if you do a job you love you will never work a day in your life. Good luck to you!
December 7th, 2017 3:37pm
This is a tough one because it affects your financial situation greatly. There are also other issues tangled into a job. One way to analyze is to look at the cost of staying at the job, v.s. leaving the job. If you leave this job you hate, what do you lose? If you stay, what do you lose?
December 7th, 2017 7:19pm
The decision whether to stay at your current job or leave it is usually a tough one and shouldn't be made without proper consideration. There are many aspects to think about: why exactly do you hate your job? Is it something external, or has it something to do with your attitude or unrealistic expectations? Can you afford quitting financially? Do you have the next job lined up? Whatever you do, don't rush into it, but also don't let your fear of change hold you back if you do decide to quit.
December 13th, 2017 1:04am
From my point of view the answer is no. The job will possibly drag you down and stress you twicefold if you have a major distaste towards it.
December 13th, 2017 3:49am
This depends on the circumstances surrounding it and can be a difficult desicion to make, however the answer should usually be no. If the job is affecting your mental health its a good idea to move on if there is other employment that you can seek,
December 20th, 2017 1:29pm
Think about what makes you hate the job. Will you like the job if it changed? Can you make the change happen? Don't be too hasty in leaving your job. If you're set on leaving, actively looking for a viable alternative and try to only quit once you have a clear goal and new opportunity ahead.
December 22nd, 2017 5:23pm
Ultimately, no one can tell you whether to leave the job or not because only you know what's best for you and what you want out of your life. Every situation is different. Consider all the options and make a decision based on what feels best to you and aligns with your values. In this case, Something like a a pros and cons list may be helpful: 1) What are the pros of staying at your current job? What are the cons? 2) What are the pros of leaving your job? What are the cons? In addition, there are consequences and circumstances of each choice to consider: In the big picture, what do you want for yourself and your life? What are your guiding values and principles? Can you afford to leave this job emotionally and financially? Do you have a new job lined up already? Are you prepared to go full time into a new job search? What job options or alternatives do you currently have? Do you hate the job itself or certain circumstances of the job? What would need to change to make you stay at this job? Is there anything you can do to make those changes happen? In summary, every situation is different and no one can make the decision for you. Think about what you want for your life, and make a decision that aligns with your values and goals. :) Good luck!
December 23rd, 2017 7:08am
There is no easy answer to this question! It depends on what the consequences of your decision might be. I would suggest weighing up what are the good and not so good things about your job - and the good and not so good things about leaving the job! Sometimes thinking things through methodically can really help with making a big choice. In the longer term, you are much likely to have good wellbeing if you are in a job you love rather than if you are in a job you hate and that is worth thinking about. I would suggest really being open to the possibility of leaving, and keep an eye out for opportunities. Don't lose hope. You're not likely to be in the same job forever, whether you can leave in the short term, or if you need to bide your time and leave when you have things you need organized. Good luck!
January 4th, 2018 6:40am
life is short, if you could live off of a job that you love doing why not go for it, if you love your job you'll never have to work a day in your life. with that being said people who work at jobs they hate just to pay the bills, i have so much respect for because it's not easy but they just prove to people how strong they are.
January 5th, 2018 2:14am
This is a question that is best solved by you. You know how much money you need to have made by a certain time of the month, and if you won't be able to make that without that job, then you need to keep it. However, if you see a better opportunity for a job you enjoy, take it.
January 5th, 2018 4:46pm
If you hate the job and it stresses you out, likely you should consider finding a new job. Staying at a job you hate can demotivate you, and sometimes stunt the quality of your work. If you do decide to find a new job and you pay rent and stuff like that then it's advised to quit after you've found a new job.
January 13th, 2018 8:20pm
I've been in a situation like that before, I can't tell you what to do because what I did might not make you feel better. So you make your own decision. But when I was in this situation, I lost motivation for work, school and even seeing my friends was too much. So I looked down at myself to know what was the problems. I found out it was work so I start looking for something else. And now that I changed my job, I feel a lot better. I found a job in which I feel amazing, and that I like a lot.
January 20th, 2018 9:26pm
it's never stimulating waking up and going to a job that you don't enjoy. If you have the means to quit and find a new job then that would definitely be a great idea.
January 26th, 2018 10:27pm
Job is definitely something you should enjoy because it is something that you will do for the rest of your life. Don't be afraid of changes! Any change is for the best. You should take care of yourself and trust me - job that you hate is not a way to treat yourself. No matter what you hate - coworkers, job by itself, your workplace or something, things need to change if you feel like not doing that. Love yourself, guys. And make right choices ❤