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What can I do if my boss chooses favourites in a manner that is not constructive to the work we are trying to accomplish?

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Last Updated: 04/17/2018 at 4:38pm
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January 22nd, 2015 2:55am
I think it's important to set the terms clear, in public. Asking for clarification when it comes to the rules under which he will evaluate and grant benefits to the others is necessary. Also, speaking about equality in the team is due, not coming only from one person, but from several. Everything should be done in a nice, polite manner, never naming people or bringing personal situations, but pointing the general feeling.
January 24th, 2015 1:18pm
That is a very difficult situation to be in. Sometimes you may feel very powerless because it's your boss and their is anxiety over losing your job. Open communication is always the key. Remember to use I statements and talk about how you feel and how you are being affected without persecuting or accusing your boss. Your boss may not even realize it. If he/she blows you off and you are in a large corporation, you can always try to go above his/her head, but give your boss a chance first. It is also important that you set your personal boundaries because after all, we do teach people how to treat us!
April 13th, 2015 11:38am
I am wondering if you could tell me how it is you know that your boss has favourites? I hear that you care very much about the goals you are trying to meet at work.
April 27th, 2015 7:41pm
I think it is best to voice out your opinion to your boss and let him/her know the effects of his actions to the work.
June 16th, 2015 8:43am
I'd recommend talking to your boss about it. People are biased though - it's easy for us to have favorites. The only difference is how much we let it affect our decisions. If it doesn't work, do well anyway.
September 7th, 2015 2:28pm
Talk to your boss about it and tell him why you think it is unfair. He may not have seen it in that way before
November 17th, 2015 3:38pm
Talk to him about it. Tell them you feel like they are picking favorites. Don't hide your emotions even at work.
December 8th, 2015 3:51am
It is hard to not be recognized for the good work you put into your day, especially when others who are not as focused are receiving the positive attention. What I always remember for myself is to be proud of the work you are accomplishing, and ask your boss to make sure that you are on the right path with your assigned work. By asking your boss if you can do a better job, you are reminding him or her that you want to do the job correctly and efficiently as best as you can.
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April 25th, 2017 6:20am
Favoritism is a real big issue in the working world these days. Know your points and be strong in it..If it is not accomplished and for the better try talking to your boss or any of your leaders that can help you. Sometimes its good to get another leader that you can trust involve to help you get the message through..
April 17th, 2018 4:38pm
Have a word with him in private, talk about it in your one to one or mention it at your team meeting