Support Desk & FAQ

Please take a moment to review our Support FAQ. The answers to most support ticket questions can be found on this page.

The Basics

What is active listening?
All our listeners are trained in Active Listening, which is listening in a way that shows compassion and empathy. They will ask you open ended questions to help guide the conversation. It is meant to be a supportive environment for you to grow and learn more about yourself.
My listener is no longer in my conversation box. Where did they go?
It sounds like your listener blocked the connection with you for personal reasons. Sometimes listeners do this when they are no longer able to give you the best support possible. We have many other wonderful listeners who are here for you and want to support you. Please take a look at the Browse Listeners Page to find another listener based on their experience, and the topic you would like to discuss.
What do I do if my listener is being inappropriate, abusive, or hurtful?
Please leave a written review for your listener. You can find the star review button in your chat window. We use your written reviews to give listeners direct feedback on how to improve. Please keep your reviews honest and thoughtful. We are all here to grow together. You can use one of the following options to control contact with the listener.
  • Block: Cut off communication between you and a listener.
  • Ban: Report the listener for violating terms of service of the website. Please use this only if you feel this listener could be harmful for other members as well.
I can’t log into my listener account!

Your account was likely disabled for a violation of terms of service. We put listener accounts on hold who are reported for:

  1. Participating in a chat that is abusive, harmful to the member or sexual in nature
  2. Giving out personal contact information or social media handles or asking to connect off of 7 Cups

Please check your email account associated with your 7 Cups account. In all cases, we send an email letting you know that your account has been disabled. This email will include more information on why this happened and what to do if you feel this action was taken in error.

If you’d like to get your account re-instated, no need to email us back. Simply submit to this form and we will review your account and get back to you via email within 3 to 5 days of your submission.

Note: If you see a failure code associated with your account, please include this code exactly as you see it in your support request.

I can’t log into my member or guest account!

Your account was likely disabled for a violation of terms of service. We remove members and guests who are reported for being abusive, harmful or involved in a chat that is sexual in nature. If you feel this was done in error, please use this form to let us know. We will review your account and get back to you via email within 3 to 5 days of your submission.

How do I change my username?

Below please find information on how to change your account username.


You may change your username up to 2 weeks after creating an account. If you are under the two week mark, please go to your account settings page and you will easily be able to change your username. All changes are logged to your profile.

Note: Your regular contacts may not be able to find you after you change your name. To avoid confusion, make sure to communicate that you have changed your name to your regular 7 Cups contacts.

If you would like to request a name change after two weeks, you must provide a valid reason. Please use this form to make the request. Unfortunately, we are unable to change usernames without a valid reason at this time.


If you would like to request a name change, you must provide a valid reason. Please use this form to make the request. Unfortunately, we are unable to change usernames without a valid reason at this time.

How do I deactivate my listener or member account?
Please go to your account settings on your listener/member dashboard, at the bottom of the page there is a button called "self-care break." Simply press this, let us know why you are leaving and your account will be put on hold. When you are ready to return, you can simply log back in and your account will be waiting for you. We hope you will come back soon!
What do I do when I accidentally block someone?
If you have accidentally blocked someone, you may unblock them with the Manage Blocked Connections option under Conversations on your Settings page.
What do you do if someone mentions they are suicidal?
  1. If you are in a 1-1 chat, please refer the person to the suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255 or After you give the referral information, we request that you professionally disconnect from the chat by saying something like this:
    “I can tell you are going through a very hard time right now. I encourage you to reach out to the resources I have provided for extra support. As a listener, I am able to show you empathy and compassion, but 7 Cups of Tea is not a crisis referral center and I am not trained to help you through this difficult situation. In a few moments, I am going to leave the chat to provide you the space to reach out to the crisis centers. I am still more than willing to support you as your listener and will check in with you shortly.”
  2. 2) If you are in a group support chat room, please use the “refer button” located in every message. When pressed, the user in question will receive all of the relevant referral information.
How can I become a listener for teens?
You may apply to be an adult listener for teens. Learn more here.
How do I make the appropriate age group selection for my listener account?
For safety purposes, all of our listeners on our adult site are required to be 18. If you are 15 to 17 years old and would like to apply to be a teen listener, but have accidentally set up an adult account, please email us at Your email should include: 2 social media handles that match the name on your listener account. These will be kept confidential and only used to verify your identity. Additionally, please provide your updated date of birth.
How do I make suggestions about the site, apps, or service in general?
We'd love to hear your suggestion. Please submit it in the Suggestion Box. Thanks!

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Billing F.A.Q.

Before continuing to request assistance from our billing team, please review the following frequently asked questions about billing on 7 Cups. The answer to your question is likely here!

Still have questions? The 7 Cups Team is here to help! Contact or (844) 755-8757

How do I cancel my subscription?

We do not accept subscription cancellations via email or by phone.

Cancelling your subscription depends on your payment method. Here are the three ways to cancel:

How do I switch therapists?

You can switch therapists in your account settings one time. To do so, simply:

  1. Login to the account you purchased in
  2. Click your profile image at the top right
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Click “Manage Subscriptions”
  5. Select “Switch Therapist”
I thought this was a free trial. Why was my card charged?

If you signed up for therapy on 7 Cups, and your trial period has not ended, your card has not been charged. We had many people signing up that had no intention of paying us later when payment was required. As you can understand, this wasn’t great for therapists as they expected payment. We now pre-authorize all cards. Per our terms, when you start a new subscription, your card is authorized for the amount of the first payment at the time of signup and we release that authorization after we verify that the funds exist. Some banks may show this as a charge in your register, but it is not. Your bank should reflect that those funds are released as soon as they can, however, some banks take longer than others.

If you cancel your online therapy service within the trial period, then you will not be charged at all. It is a 100% free trial.

Subscriptions and community guidelines

All paying users are obligated to follow the 7 Cups community guidelines. You can review the guidelines here. Failure to follow community guidelines may result in your account being rejected. If your account is rejected for failing to follow our community guidelines, you will forfeit your paid subscription. We encourage you to review our community guidelines carefully.

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Online Therapy

How do I contact 7 Cups for subscription support?
For any billing issues, contact or (800) 613-1521
How does this compare to face to face therapy?
Traditional Therapy Online Therapy
Location Must find a local Counselor or Therapist Can find an expert on your issue, not necessarily based on geography
Accessibility Must meet in therapist or counselor’s office Can connect with your therapist from home, work, or wherever is convenient for you.
Availability Bound to the therapist or counselor’s schedule, and often meet once per week. Can chat with your therapist anytime—when you truly need it—and, as often as you’d like.
Affordability Often very expensive, traditional therapy can be as much as $200 per session, and upwards of $800/month. Significantly cheaper: you pay as little as $150 for the whole month of unlimited contact with your therapist.
Visibility Requires face to face interaction, which can be challenging for some people. Allows anonymity, and can be accessed privately, without others knowing that you are receiving therapy.
Effectiveness Equally as effective, but given that it is harder to access, and there are more barriers, remaining consistently in treatment can be challenging. Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of online therapy. It gives the added bonus of allowing people to take their time to explore their thoughts, and put them into words.
Is this HIPAA Compliant?
7 Cups uses a HIPAA compliant platform, and therapist ethical standards require that the content of your sessions be kept strictly confidential. The only exceptions to this were if an online therapist believed that you might harm yourself or someone else.
Is Online Therapy for everyone?
No. Like in-office therapy, people who are an immediate threat to themselves or others should call a suicide hotline or seek psychiatric treatment before committing to therapy. And, on 7 Cups, you must be at least 18 years old to participate in online therapy.
Are online counselors and therapists licensed?
Therapists on 7 Cups are licensed to provide therapy according to the regulations of their jurisdiction. They have received training and have experience providing mental health services.
How much does therapy cost on 7 Cups?
Members pay $150/month (the equivalent of $5 a day, compared to $150+ per session in traditional therapy) for unlimited messaging to their therapist. Therapists check messages and reply 1-2 times per day, Monday through Friday, on days that you have messaged them.
When will I hear back from my therapist?
7 Cups therapists set their own schedule, and will often let you know, right up front, when you can expect to hear back from them. At the very least, you should expect them to reply to messages you have sent within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.
Is there a free trial?
If you go directly to a therapist’s profile and choose your own therapist, there is no free trial, you pay up front for the entire month (and your subscription will renew each month until you cancel). If you have us assign you a therapist, there is a 3 day (72 hour) free trial. As long as you cancel within 72 hours, you will not be charged. If you pass the 72 hour mark, we do not offer refunds, as your therapist has held that spot for you. It is your responsibility to note the date and time that the trial will expire, and to cancel prior to your payment being processed if you do not wish to continue. Only one free trial is available per user.
What is the purpose of the free trial?
Not everyone will be a good fit for this type of therapy. The free trial allows you to see if you like this style of interaction. True therapy can not be conducted in only 3 days, so it truly is just a sample of what it would be if you were to join. If you sign up, we hope that you are serious about giving therapy, beyond the free trial, a try.
Does e-therapy work?
If you are willing to stick with it, the research shows that it works!
  • A meta analysis found no differences in treatment effect sizes for randomized controlled trials comparing in-person and Internet-based treatment modalities (Barak, Hen, BonielNissim, & Shapira, 2008).
  • No research evidence to date supports the assumption that traditional face-to-face treatment is superior to comparable remotely delivered treatment (Harris & Younggren, 2011).
  • An informal survey conducted by Metanoia, a nonprofit clearinghouse for mental health websites, yielded the following results:
    • Ninety percent of online clients who participated in the survey felt that E-therapy helped them.
    • Many participants also felt that they would not have initially sought face-to-face therapy.
Who do I contact if I have a question or concern about my subscription?
Questions can be directed to 7 Cups staff via the “Submit a ticket button” at the bottom of this page. Staff can then look into your account, and help you to resolve your concerns. We ask that you not post about therapy in the community forums because, due to privacy reasons, we are legally unable to respond to your comments. Please note: any posts made in the forums containing misleading or inflammatory information will be removed.
How do I cancel my online therapy subscription?
It is the member’s responsibility to cancel. Therapists cannot cancel for you. Additionally, emailing is not an acceptable form of cancellation. The only method for canceling your subscription depends on the way you signed up. Here are the three ways to cancel:
  • Website
    1. Login to the account you purchased in
    2. Click your profile image at the top right
    3. Select “Settings”
    4. Click “Manage Subscriptions”
    5. Cancel the subscription
  • Mobile App
    1. Login to the account you purchased in
    2. Go to Settings in the right drawer
    3. Select “Manage Therapy”
    4. Select “Quit Therapy”
How do I switch therapists?
You can switch therapists anytime in your account settings, under manage subscriptions. You can have us assign you another therapist, or you can opt to browse the therapist profiles, and select your new therapist. You may only switch once.
If I leave, can I reconnect later to my same therapist?
You sure can! Just find their profile, then click to start therapy.
Can I do a video or audio chat session with my therapist?
No, all therapy services are message-based at this time.
Can I select a therapist based upon their area of expertise?
Yes! Search here for therapists by issue or region.
I have never been in therapy before. What do I do?
The therapists are well trained to support people who are new to therapy, and to guide you at a pace that you feel comfortable with. They will help you to explore your thoughts and feelings. Simply sign up, let them know that you need some help getting started, and they can work collaboratively with you.
Does deleting my member account cancel my subscription?
No! Please follow the steps outlined to cancel your subscription. If you delete your account without canceling your subscription, you will still be responsible for those payments.
What are people saying about the 7 Cups therapists?
“Pella is a wonderful therapist. She took the time to listen and fully understand the issues I was struggling with. I always felt heard and understood when chatting with Pella. She was a great source of insight and wisdom for helping me to fully understand my own story, and a personal cheerleader and ally as I took the small steps to work towards my goals. I am very grateful to have had her help and I would recommend her without hesitation!”
“Definitely someone who really cares about you and loves to work with you! I would recommend her a million times if I could!”
“I’m a very hard person to get through to and she made me realize some very important things. Very professional and helpful.”
“Very concise, step-by-step advice. Just what I needed! Highly recommended!”
“Anna-Kate gave me new perspectives and fresh thoughts. She helped me most when I was feeling particularly bad. I appreciate her support and kind words of encouragement and thoughtful help.”
“He asked really great questions that led me to really think about the effects my action or in-action would have on given situations. He led me to be able to analyze my own thoughts and determine if they were beneficial to my overall well-being. I started out feeling unsure and lacking any confidence and he helped me to believe that I can, in fact, make the changes I need to in order to be happy, joyous, and free once again.”
“Rob is very kind and patient. He understood right away what I was looking for in therapy. It makes me feel a lot better knowing there is someone out there who understands how people work and cares about it without all the pushing to ‘do better.””

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Backing 7 Cups

What is "Back 7 Cups"?
Like every organization, 7 Cups needs funds to sustain itself so we can continue providing support to thousands of people in distress every day. The Back 7 Cups option provides a way for supporters to contribute to 7 Cups’ sustainability efforts.
What is the "Sustainability icon?"
Every person who backs 7 Cups will get a sustainability icon depicting a green leaf. This is a gratitude token from us to thank you for your contribution in enabling us to get support to many people each day. You will also have the option to gift a token to someone else on 7 Cups too. This token will display on the recipient???s profile. The beneficiary can be a listener or a member.
What does it mean if I have more than one sustainability icon?
It means multiple people have gifted a sustainability icon to you. The number of times you have received the icon will display on top of the icon.
What do I get for backing 7 Cups?
IF you back 7 Cups from a member account this unlocks access to 32 personalized growth paths. You will also receive the sustainability token and an opportunity to enable another member or listener to display the token on their profile. You will also receive emails from Glen on site updates and news and access to group trainings led by mental health professionals. You can learn more about the perks on the Back 7 Cups screen.
I have a member account and a listener account. Can I back 7 Cups from either to upgrade my member account?
To unlock the upgrade features for your member account be sure to back 7 Cups from that account. If you wish, you may then gift the second sustainability icon to your listener account (or to any other account). If you back 7 Cups from your listener account, this will not upgrade your member account, even if you gift your second sustainability icon to that account, because the gifted icon does not unlock the upgrade. If you backed 7 Cups from your listener account and now realize you wanted to do so from your member account, please submit a support ticket at the bottom of this page and we'll make the switch for you.
Can I back 7 Cups without having an account?
Yes, you may back 7 Cups without a listener or member account. However, we encourage you to sign up with us to keep in touch and receive news and updates about 7 Cups.
Can I back 7 Cups anonymously?
We do not currently offer an automatic way to back 7 Cups without displaying the token. (That is, you could back us from a logged-out browser to avoid showing the icon on your account, but then you'd also not receive any benefits on your actual account.) However, if you'd like to keep your support anonymous you can email us at and we can have it removed for you.
Can I back 7 Cups more than one time?
Yes, you are welcome to back 7 Cups as many times as you like. Simply return to the Back 7 Cups page and follow the same process. The new amount will be charged to your card and the number on your sustainability icon will increase by one.
What is the minimum amount I can give?
To cover credit card fees and charges, we ask for a minimum donation of US $5.
Can I give a one-time donation?
At the moment we do not have offer the option of a one-time donation. However, you may choose to distribute a single amount over a 12 months recurring payment, or you may also set up a recurring donation to donate the first time, and then cancel the donation subscription the following month so your card is charged only once.
What kind of payment modes can I use?
For now we have credit card payments accepting all Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Diners Club International cards. We???ll soon be adding PayPal as well.
What is the currency in which my donation will be charged?
All payments will be charged in USD. You can use this currency converter to estimate your payment value.
Can I cancel my support at any time?
Yes, even though we would of course love to receive your continued support, we understand that life happens and you might need to stop the recurring subscription. You can manage your subscription via your settings page. Upon ending the subscription, the sustainability icon and other perks will no longer apply to your account.

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Technical Support & Feedback

Found a bug? Have an account issue? We try to answer all requests as quickly as possible. We will reply within 3 to 5 business days of your submission.

Contact Information

Required for Bug Reports & Account Questions.

Request Details

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ex. Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 23.0.1