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1-1 chat pathway!

Do you want to build connections with listeners at 7 Cups? Here is the pathway to do that and earn badges along the way! 

1. Earn the Chief chat badge by Connecting with a listener or therapist for the first time
2. Earn the Linked Badge by
Completing your first chat with a listener!
3. Earn the Honest Voice Badge
for leaving the first text review for a Listener
4. Earn
Strong start badge - sending 100 messages to listeners
5. Earn the
Reconnect badge for completing a second conversation with the same Listener
Earn the Quintet badge - for connecting with 5 Listeners
Earn the Super active badge for connecting with 15 Listeners
8. Earn the Powerful Voice Badge
Leaving text reviews for 10 listeners
Earn the Milestone badge - sending 500 messages to listeners
10. Earn the Walking together badge - for completing 25 conversations with the same Listener
Earn the Togetherness badge - for completing 50 chats with the same listener
Earn the Journeying strong badge - for sending 1,000 messages to Listeners
Earn the Strong Bond badge - for completing 100 conversations with the same Listener
Earn the Strong Bond 1 Badge - for completing 10 chats each with 10 different listeners
Earn the Strong Bond 2 badge - for completing 25 chats each with 10 different listeners
Earn the Strong Bond 3 - for completing 50 chats with 20 different listeners

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