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7 Cups Mission Statement!

Check it out here!

Our Mission

I started this section and called it “Glen’s nook.” I plan on hanging out here more often. I’ll listen, share my thinking with you, and hope to get to know many of you as we continue to grow our community. 

We wanted to share our mission with you before publishing it. We believe that every voice is important and every voice matters. Please share your thoughts on our mission below. 

Our Mission:

7 Cups of Tea is for anyone who wants to live in a world where the human experience is free from stigma and stereotypes and rich with love and support. A world where all 7 billion of us can grow and feel like we truly belong.

We believe that each one of us is inherently valuable. We do not measure people based on where they are from, what they look like, or what position they hold. We recognize that people make sense in the larger story of their lives. We understand that people are complicated and that life is not simple or easy.

We are all on the same path. Some of us are just starting out. Others are further down the road. No matter where we are, being kind, compassionate, and accepting of one another enables us all to grow.

We do not tolerate people being mean, harmful, or rejecting of others. We do not judge or look down on people.

Although there are forces that tend to disempower and create division, we stand together as we compassionately care for and champion one another.  We see our differences as a strength. We are united in our shared goal of creating a place where all can find acceptance and be welcomed to a home where we all belong.

Our Goal: We are living in a world with an immense love deficit, which means that none of us is receiving the love we need to reach our true potential, to truly thrive. Our goal is to build a support system, a web, that can hold every member of our world.  We believe that we can fill that love-gap for every person in the world, either because they are an active member of our community or because they are touched personally by someone who has been empowered by 7 Cups of Tea.  We will reach this goal when we provide 100 million positive and supportive conversations each and every week.

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