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8 Steps to managing difficult people

Managing difficult people or conversations can be very difficult! Here is a step by step plan on how to approact these conversations or people! 
This was written collaboratively in a Sub-Community leader meeting! 

1) stay calm 
2) get coffee
3) repeat step 2
3) Stay open! try to put personal feelings aside as much as possible; come at them from a position of love/openness and realising that we are all different, so first thing to do is check my attitude and agenda
4) concentrate on the tast at hand at stick to that
5) use open communication - keep professional dont use smileys
- validate how they feel and reflect what they want...... explain what i feel and suggest something in the middle?
-Try to understand the other persons perspective - use active listening skills 
- Dont act or say something on impulse - use thoughtful language 
- Always be respectful of other view points
6) Agree to disagree or compromise on a solution
7) Do some self-care! 
8) Self-reflection - think about how you are difficult yourself and own that, and work on where that might get in the way --- because you need to be the best you possible to lead and earn the respect and dedication of others
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